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Crane, Nathalia   
81 poems available by this author

A CHINESE PRINCE    Poem Text        
First Line: Of all the shops I fancy there's a chinese one I know
Last Line: He'd best beware of dragons with a slipper on each toe.

BABEL    Poem Text        
First Line: We loved your lime-strained lecturns
Last Line: And watch the halos rise.
Subject(s): Commencement; Graduation

BERKLEY COMMON    Poem Text        
First Line: Summer broods o'er berkley common, o'er the fields of everlasting
Last Line: For the empty houses fill them with a feeling like to fear.
Subject(s): Ghost Towns; Houses, Deserted

CASTLE 'BILL'    Poem Text        
First Line: Down on gov'nors island
Last Line: "down in castle ""bill."
Subject(s): Castles

CASTLE WILLIAM    Poem Text        
First Line: Where buttermilk channel doth seek to beguile
Last Line: "down in the casemates of old ""castle bill."
Subject(s): Castles; Soldiers

CHOICE    Poem Text        
First Line: Cloud-made mountains towered
Last Line: O'er a poppy bed...
Subject(s): Vision

CLEOPATRA    Poem Text        
First Line: The darlings of the doorstep have no rights
Last Line: And a little piece of soap.
Subject(s): Cleopatra, Queen Of Egypt (69-30 B.c.)

DESTINY    Poem Text        
First Line: The wind doth wander up and down
Last Line: Inherits love's own diadem.

DIANA    Poem Text        
First Line: Diana, out of italy, my sister's protegee
Last Line: "for the gods possess their copies of 'diana at the bath!' "
Subject(s): Baths & Bathing; Guests; Italy; Showers & Showering; Visiting; Italians

DIANA OF THE GARDEN    Poem Text        
First Line: I was your saint-gaudens goddess
Last Line: Loosed when the tower falls.

EVA    Poem Text        
First Line: Eva, the first of the fair ones
Last Line: Making men see and believe.
Subject(s): Daughters; Paintings & Painters

JEALOUSY    Poem Text        
First Line: Flatbush! Flatbush! Rah! Rah! Rah!
Last Line: See the bobbed-head riding on the bob-tailed car.
Subject(s): Fathers & Daughters; Jealousy

JOHN PAUL JONES    Poem Text        
First Line: Tis john paul jones - the janitor's boy
Last Line: With never a thought of fame.
Subject(s): Jones, John Paul (1747-1792); Love; Soldiers

LAVA LANE    Poem Text        
First Line: A starry ember of the skies, a friction-tortured zone
Last Line: The pastoral we trusted to the flagons of the vine.

LEDA AND THE LARK    Poem Text        
First Line: By the pagoda and just as the dusk
Last Line: "sometimes I wish 'twas a mythical swan."
Subject(s): Leda; Mythology - Classical

LOVE    Poem Text        
First Line: Now marjory is seven years
Last Line: With monetary fee.

LOVE LANE    Poem Text        
First Line: In old love lane on brooklyn heights
Last Line: For something with pinions is down in the lane.
Subject(s): Brooklyn Heights, New York

MID-DAY AT TRINITY    Poem Text        
First Line: The pigeon's perch on trinity
Last Line: The doves drift down to dine.
Subject(s): Pigeons

MINN    Poem Text        
First Line: Minn, the first of old men
Last Line: With solemnity.

MOTHER'S BONNET    Poem Text        
First Line: This is her bonnet, with ribbons arrayed
Last Line: But it must have had wonderful power to draw.
Subject(s): Hats; Mothers

MY HUSBANDS    Poem Text        
First Line: I hear my husbands marching
Last Line: New york, may, 1924.
Subject(s): Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

OH, ROGER JONES           

OLD MAID'S REVERIE    Poem Text        
First Line: I'm tired of mirthless mirrors and their hostile heresies
Last Line: As one who missed the rubrics in the litanies of youth.
Subject(s): Spinsters; Old Maids

PRESCIENCE    Poem Text        
First Line: A precious place is paradise and none may know its worth
Last Line: And vision earth and heaven, with a rustic bridge between.
Subject(s): Future Life; Heaven; Retribution; Eternity; After Life; Paradise

REGINA MENDOSENA    Poem Text        
First Line: I'm regina mendosena, queen of all of shanty town
Last Line: For I lay aside me titles and me very ancient name.
Subject(s): Courts & Courtiers; Ireland; Nationalism - Ireland; Royal Court Life; Royalty; Kings; Queens; Irish

SADNESS    Poem Text        
First Line: Oh, mr. Jackson swept the court
Last Line: And all on account of the beautiful dirt.
Subject(s): Grief; Sorrow; Sadness

SUFFERING    Poem Text        
First Line: I sat down on a bumble bee
Last Line: Humiliating pain.
Subject(s): Bees; Insects; Pain; Beekeeping; Bugs; Suffering; Misery

SUNDAY MORNING    Poem Text        
First Line: God, on a sunday morning
Last Line: Making the adults rage.

THE ARMY LAUNDRESS    Poem Text        
First Line: Beside a somber sally port upon a bastioned isle
Last Line: The bravest of the cavaliers of sheila shanahan.
Subject(s): Laundry & Laundering; War

THE BATTLE ON THE FLOOR    Poem Text        
First Line: My father was a soldier, so
Last Line: A battle all her own.
Subject(s): Fathers & Daughters; Soldiers; War

THE BLIND GIRL    Poem Text        
First Line: In the darkness, who would answer for the color of a rose
Last Line: If the odor of the roses and the better things were there.
Subject(s): Blindness; Visually Handicapped

THE CANTILEVER BAR    Poem Text        
First Line: Beside the red euphrates
Last Line: The cantilever bar.

THE CHESS GAME    Poem Text        
First Line: My king, my queen, the castles twain, each bishop, pawn and knight
Last Line: To show their knightly courtesy upon a teakwood stand.
Subject(s): Chess

THE COMMONPLACE    Poem Text        
First Line: By the steps of the paper-box factory
Last Line: Of love, and the commonplace things.
Subject(s): Goddesses & Gods; Mythology

THE DINOSAURS' EGG    Poem Text        
First Line: One morn in old mongolia
Last Line: The eggs that never hatched.
Subject(s): Dinosaurs; Eggs

THE DISCOVERER    Poem Text        
First Line: Mystical, sorrowful, stiff and still
Last Line: He had found at last where the summer goes.

THE EDICT    Poem Text        
First Line: Write, said the editor unto the saint
Last Line: So they will read it -- and read it again.
Subject(s): Writing & Writers

THE FIRE VASE    Poem Text        
First Line: Said the potter to the flower pots: 'it's a question of design
Last Line: He saw love's lost illusions safe within the potter's vase.
Subject(s): Flowers; Pottery And Potters; Vases

THE FIRST ARTISTS    Poem Text        
First Line: In lava lane were artists
Last Line: And chalking up both sides.
Subject(s): Art & Artists

THE FIRST REFORMER    Poem Text        
First Line: It was a primal twilight tense
Last Line: With accidental fame.

THE FIRST SNOW STORM    Poem Text        
First Line: The very first snow of the year, mama
Last Line: Around in my underclothes.
Subject(s): Mothers & Daughters; Snow

THE FIRST STORY    Poem Text        
First Line: Mid seaweed on a sultry strand, ten thousand years ago
Last Line: So he wrote the first of stories with his little fingernail.
Subject(s): Babies; Octopuses; Prehistoric Peoples; Writing & Writers; Infants

THE FLATHOUSE ROOF    Poem Text        
First Line: I linger on the flathouse roof, the moonlight is divine
Last Line: That my heart is all a-flutter, like the washing on the line?
Subject(s): Love

THE GIRL FROM SOAP SUDS ROW    Poem Text        
First Line: Oh! Mistress margaret esther snow
Last Line: Found most of her genius in soap suds row.
Subject(s): Classmates; Poetry Readings; Poverty; Schoolmates

THE GOSSIPS    Poem Text        
First Line: The rose bud that grew by the settle
Last Line: The rover returns to the rose.
Subject(s): Flowers

THE HANGMAN'S BOY    Poem Text        
First Line: Drawn from the silt of the ages
Last Line: Into a hangman's boy.
Subject(s): Boys

THE HISTORY OF HONEY    Poem Text        
First Line: The history of honey' by an aged mandarin
Last Line: And he got the ancient essence of the very sweetest things.
Subject(s): Honey

THE HISTORY OF PAINTING    Poem Text        
First Line: A shadow and reflection quarreled once upon a time
Last Line: That beauty might be glorified by love forever more.
Subject(s): Nature; Paintings & Painters

THE JANITOR'S BOY    Poem Text        
First Line: Oh I'm in love with the janitor's boy
Last Line: "with the janitor's red-haired boy."
Subject(s): Escapes; Janitors; Love - Beginnings; Fugitives

THE LAW    Poem Text        
First Line: A peacock on a pedestal
Last Line: The oar ports show the sky.

THE LIARS    Poem Text        
First Line: We were the castanet units
Last Line: We are the liars from france.
Subject(s): World War I; First World War

THE LOST TRUMPET    Poem Text        
First Line: It lies in a brooklyn garret
Last Line: Not even a trafalgar square.
Subject(s): Balaclava, Crimea; Trumpets

THE MAKING OF A SAINT    Poem Text        
First Line: She died in a disarrayed garret
Last Line: And heaven accepted their saint.
Subject(s): Saints

THE MAP MAKERS    Poem Text        
First Line: There was a man who made a map
Last Line: For it never took twenty years.
Subject(s): Maps; Stars

THE PEACOCK FEATHERS    Poem Text        
First Line: I went forth in the morning
Last Line: All of the peacock's tail.
Subject(s): Birds; Feathers; Peacocks

THE PICTURE BOOK QUEEN    Poem Text        
First Line: She dwelt in a picture book palace
Last Line: To tell of the end of the tale.

THE PLAYBOX; TO THE TRINKET    Poem Text        
First Line: The toys of a tutankhamen
Last Line: For luxor had nothing like these.
Subject(s): Dollhouses; Toys

THE PLEDGE    Poem Text        
First Line: These are the words of your judiths
Last Line: New legions, their own unborn sons.
Subject(s): Jews; Judith (Bible); Miriam (Bible); Women In The Bible; Judaism

THE RAG BAG    Poem Text        
First Line: When we went down to grandma's
Last Line: When we are coming to town.
Subject(s): Grandparents; Grandmothers; Grandfathers; Great Grandfathers; Great Grandmothers

THE RANKER    Poem Text        
First Line: There was only one first sergeant
Last Line: Who ever went to france.
Subject(s): Soldiers; World War I; First World War

THE READER; AN IDYL    Poem Text        
First Line: I am an ancient lady
Last Line: Lesbia, phryne or thais.
Subject(s): Women

THE READING BOY    Poem Text        
First Line: He is carved in alabaster, he is called the reading boy
Last Line: Discard that trojan magazine, and give a real good stretch.
Subject(s): Books; Sculpture & Sculptors; Reading

THE REFUGEEE    Poem Text        
First Line: I shall go back to the sea-shell
Last Line: Since peace sits as one in the dust.

First Line: Oh, london town the screen goes down -- behold a renegade
Last Line: I place a gaud to top a hoard -- the nerve of john paul jones.
Subject(s): Jones, John Paul (1747-1792)

THE ROAD TO ROSLYN    Poem Text        
First Line: Upon the road to roslyn town
Last Line: The bobbed hair hid my ears.
Subject(s): Deception; Fortune Tellers; Gypsies; Palmistry; Gipsies

THE ROLL OF THE ROSES    Poem Text        
First Line: We called the roll of the roses
Last Line: With a troubadour tolling a bell.
Subject(s): Flowers; Roses; Troubadours; Minnesingers

THE ROSE OF REST    Poem Text        
First Line: From the water gate of pekin, where the latticed lanterns glow
Last Line: And I fall asleep caressing her, the little rose of rest.
Subject(s): Love

THE ROVERS    Poem Text        
First Line: Oh, wilt thou go a-sailing,' said the janitor's boy to me
Last Line: And the right to moor to ring-heads in the far-off border lines.
Subject(s): Jones, John Paul (1747-1792); Love; Sailing & Sailors; Seamen; Sails

THE SALAMANDER ISLES    Poem Text        
First Line: Snaring lights surmount the sand-dunes of the salamander isles
Last Line: Would give the proper bearings for the salamander isles.
Subject(s): Islands; Sailing & Sailors; Seamen; Sails

THE SHOE-SHINE SPREE    Poem Text        
First Line: Once on a time I was wedded
Last Line: Ending that shoe-shining spree.

THE SLEEP WALKERS    Poem Text        
First Line: You who read the rituals
Last Line: Takes a camel's toes.

THE SWINGING STAIR    Poem Text        
First Line: From the flotsam of a city street we built the swinging stair
Last Line: But reflections in the water, and the port to starboard roll.
Subject(s): Love

THE SYMBOLS    Poem Text        
First Line: The sign work of the orient it runneth up and down
Last Line: Since direction counts as nothing when the gods set up a sign.
Subject(s): Goddesses & Gods; Mythology; Signs & Signboards

THE TELLTALE    Poem Text        
First Line: The janitor's boy bought a catalogue boat
Last Line: That timorous telltale the bell.
Subject(s): Bells

THE THREE-CORNERED LOT    Poem Text        
First Line: Said the farmer to his daughter: 'when I die, as like as not
Last Line: "and the stone walls of the foolish man wherewith to build a home."
Subject(s): Farm Life; Fathers & Daughters; Inheritance & Succession; Agriculture; Farmers; Heirs

THE VACANT LOT    Poem Text        
First Line: They're going to build a flathouse on the lot next door to me
Last Line: Where we may live forever in a little bungalow.
Subject(s): Buildings & Builders; Love

THE VESTAL    Poem Text        
First Line: Once a pallid vestal
Last Line: Shone above her there.

THE WARMING PAN; ABISHAG    Poem Text        
First Line: When age had david stricken
Last Line: Is certain of her fame.
Subject(s): Abishag (Bible); David (D. 962 B.c.); Women In The Bible

THE WARNING    Poem Text        
First Line: Oh, when a gleaming motor glides
Last Line: Within the tonneau vase.

TOMORROW    Poem Text        
First Line: The sun shall shine in ages yet to be
Last Line: Revisions of the ruby and the rose.
Subject(s): Future; Nature

WHAT EVERY GIRL KNOWS    Poem Text        
First Line: In my bedroom, in my boudoir
Last Line: In the ten cent store.
Subject(s): Shopping; Youth