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Jacobsen, Josephine    Poet's Biography
57 poems available by this author

A DREAM OF GAMES    Poem Text        
First Line: His fingers hesitate over
Last Line: The loser connected with his law
Subject(s): Scrabble (Game); Card Games; Dreams; Playing Cards; Nightmares

A MOTEL IN TROY, NEW YORK    Poem Text        
First Line: A shadow falls
Subject(s): Troy

ARRIVAL    Poem Text        
First Line: Up the path, past the iced bird-bath and the black roses
Last Line: Or is there a van, huge in the invisible street?
Subject(s): Visits And Visitors

ARTIST'S SUSTENANCE    Poem Text        
First Line: The artist's hope, through the clear glass
Last Line: Again betrayed by husk and dregs
Subject(s): Art & Artists

ASCETIC'S SOLILOQUY    Poem Text        
First Line: How carnal the whole thing seems to the finer grain
Last Line: The marrow cry “soon, soon” to the cooling bones
Subject(s): Self-denial

BORDER    Poem Text        
First Line: That country has never been her enemy
Last Line: The king comes over to sleep with her
Subject(s): Male-female Relationships

First Line: Orange the sun, upon the side
Subject(s): Goldfish

CONTENTS OF A MINUTE    Poem Text        
First Line: The woman across the hall
Last Line: Blows in from left field
Subject(s): Death; Dead, The

DESTINATIONS    Poem Text        
First Line: Home is mysterious: a place to die, a place to breed
Last Line: Short wind says “snow”
Subject(s): Home; Travel; Journeys; Trips

FLORIDA FRIDAY    Poem Text        
First Line: Florida with flora, brighter than a prize
Last Line: Florida flashes on the best of fridays
Subject(s): Florida; Churches; Cathedrals

FOR WILFRED OWEN    Poem Text        
First Line: This day. This night, should be familiar to you
Last Line: Go scatheless from your terrible compassion
Subject(s): Owen, Wilfred (1893-1918)

GENTLE READER    Poem Text        
First Line: Late in the night when I should be asleep
Last Line: Saying like molly, yes, yes, yes o yes
Subject(s): Books & Reading; Poetry & Poets

GHOSTS AT KE SON    Poem Text        
First Line: Under the bullets
Last Line: The faces, the faces of the strangers are the same
Subject(s): Native Americans; Indians Of America; American Indians; Indians Of South America

HOLIDAY    Poem Text        
First Line: He lived with sorrow, protected by his will
Last Line: A mounting tread
Subject(s): Fear

First Line: Tonight the silent vibrations of silent snow
Last Line: Dark land in the blue sea, be free in him
Subject(s): Christophe, Henry (1767-1820); Haiti - Revolution (1804); Homage & Respect

HOURGLASS    Poem Text        
First Line: Flawless' is the word, no doubt, for this third of may
Subject(s): Time

IMMORTAL ELEMENT    Poem Text        
First Line: The watching inner eye which peers and sees
Last Line: From this impersonal sight, released at last
Subject(s): Sight

IN THE CREVICE OF TIME    Poem Text        
First Line: The bison, or tiger, or whatever beast
Last Line: For all, a celebration and a burial
Subject(s): Hunting And Bunters; Graves; Tombs; Tombstones

IT IS THE SEASON    Poem Text        
First Line: When we learn
Subject(s): Love

LIONS UNDER MAPLES    Poem Text        
First Line: The lion, awake, is out there
Last Line: The great head lift
Subject(s): Lions

MIDNIGHT EDEN    Poem Text        
First Line: The crusted tree of stars soars quite
Last Line: Not understood
Subject(s): Trees

MISSISSIPPI ANATOMY    Poem Text        
First Line: This land is red, its body is colored of blood
Subject(s): Mississippi

NON SUM DIGNUS    Poem Text        
First Line: His sabbath, as all others, finds
Last Line: The gate again in seven days
Subject(s): Sabbath; Sunday

ONLY ALICE           
First Line: Entered that brilliant intimate
Subject(s): Literary Form

POEMS FOR MY COUSIN: 1    Poem Text        
First Line: I took my cousin to prettyboy dam
Last Line: "nor the other ""come. . ."
Subject(s): Cousins

READING ON THE BEACH    Poem Text        
First Line: What time is it? Raphael, says vasari
Subject(s): Raphael (1483-1520); Vasari, Giorgio (1511-1574)

REINDEER AND ENGINE    Poem Text        
First Line: The reindeer / fastened to the great round eye
Subject(s): Reindeer

RESPITE - 1942    Poem Text        
First Line: Indeed, where shall you hide from claws
Last Line: And rest here – for a little while
Subject(s): Sanctuaries

RETURN FROM DELHI    Poem Text        
First Line: Coming from delhi in the rain we met a country funeral
Last Line: Our dark, silent athens is there
Subject(s): Funerals; Burials

First Line: The short shadow
Last Line: Over the rooted bloom
Subject(s): Soul; Shadows

THE ANIMALS    Poem Text        
First Line: At night, alone, the animals came and shone.
Last Line: Flying with green in her beak; the dove also had come
Subject(s): Relationships; Animals

THE ARRIVALS    Poem Text        
First Line: My dead are shining like washed gold
Last Line: Distant, aghast
Subject(s): Death

THE BATHERS    Poem Text        
First Line: The leaves flashed darkly though there was not much wind
Last Line: Free of knowledge; he had been rid of pity, cleansed of love
Subject(s): Baths & Bathing; Showers & Showering

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY    Poem Text        
First Line: The sounds are the sea, breaking out of sight,
Last Line: Of the children’s light high clear cries
Subject(s): Birthdays

THE EDGE    Poem Text         Recitation
First Line: The edge? The edge is
Last Line: Breathe so, breathe so
Subject(s): Love; Yoga

THE FOREIGN LANDS    Poem Text        
First Line: I saw a mongoose this morning ripple down the scarp
Last Line: Swing like stars, I watch and wish to. May not, inherit
Subject(s): Mongooses

THE LEOPARD-NURSER    Poem Text        
First Line: Since children hear what they will hear, I heard
Last Line: By which a child nurses a dangerous beast to strength
Subject(s): Leopards; Women

THE LIMBO DANCER    Poem Text        
First Line: No limbo this week. Or next. Now it turns out
Subject(s): Literary Form

THE MONOSYLLABLE    Poem Text        
First Line: One day / she fell
Last Line: Some say, / rise

THE NIGHTWATCHMAN    Poem Text        
First Line: A small light, fugitive, peers
Last Line: Shreds minute from minute?
Subject(s): Watchmen; Night; Bedtime

THE PASSIONATE PLACE    Poem Text        
First Line: We know it is there, though withdrawn from our eyes
Last Line: Who return unabashed and with spoils to the passionate place?

THE PLANET    Poem Text        
First Line: From the center of the sea of tranquility
Last Line: Shining and shining
Subject(s): Planets

THE PRESENCES    Poem Text        
First Line: Here they are as common as pebbles
Last Line: Grateful is roughly sufficient?
Subject(s): Animals; Clouds

THE PRIMER    Poem Text        
First Line: I said in my youth
Subject(s): Children; Childhood

THE REVOLUTIONARY    Poem Text        
First Line: He knew her face well enough; had studied this
Last Line: For the face he had trusted under the confident stars
Subject(s): Male-female Relationships; Reality

THE SEA FOG    Poem Text        
First Line: It was sudden
Subject(s): Fog; Haze

THE SECRET FLAME: CAPRICE    Poem Text        
First Line: The grainy earth is black and cool
Last Line: On her bright breasts
Subject(s): Baths & Bathing; Showers & Showering

THE SECRET FLAME: LOVE SONG    Poem Text        
First Line: The skies are falling and poised in their fall
Last Line: Body to body and face to face
Subject(s): Love

First Line: Men acquiesce in what is not their choice
Last Line: Lifting their hopeful eyes in srearch of god?
Subject(s): Faith; Belief; Creed

First Line: If he be agile and alert
Last Line: The ineradicable flame
Subject(s): Conduct Of Life

THE THREE CHILDREN    Poem Text        
First Line: Else had blown away on the east wind. Richard went away
Last Line: Goodbye else, richard, hilary, goodbye, goodbye. Goodbye
Subject(s): Children; Farewell; Wind; Childhood; Parting

THE UGLY OLD LADY    Poem Text        
First Line: Her hair in metal rows
Last Line: On her brittle shell
Subject(s): Ugliness

THE WIND IN THE SUNPORCH    Poem Text        
First Line: The chinese windchimes
Subject(s): Love

VIRGIN IN GLASS    Poem Text        
First Line: The little virgin, fitted out in white
Last Line: Not wholly free
Subject(s): Churches; Cathedrals

First Line: The mad old women, bolted from april's weather
Last Line: Gray secret face raised quietly, between
Subject(s): Psychiatric Hospitals; Mad Houses; Insane Asylums

WINTER CASTLE    Poem Text        
First Line: Knowing your body and lines of it
Last Line: Lends us this secret solitary grace?
Variant Title(s): Winter Castle: Iii. Knowing Your Body
Subject(s): Lust; Love

WINTER FORECAST    Poem Text        
First Line: Let it be a consolation to you that nothing
Last Line: The hiders, the motionless, the terrible meek
Subject(s): Winter