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TO NIGHT, by            
First Line: Cooling, quieting night
Last Line: And be at one with the silent three that brood and move in the shadow of god!
Subject(s): Comfort; Death; God; Night; Parents; Dead, The; Bedtime; Parenthood

COOLING, quieting Night,
Subtle abolisher of the long-burning light
Of Day; wrapt with thine ever-darkening hair,
Searching with agile, patient fingers everywhere
Lest in some undiscovered spot thy foe, reluctant, hideth;—
Mother, in whose deep bosom Sleep abideth,
Thy child and Death's, the gloomier Shade that glideth
Constantly after, stern husband-soul of thee,
Whom only thou regardest and dost not flee,—
O lead him soon to me,
That I too feel him Father, unfearing tread where he hath trod,
And be at one with the silent Three that brood and move in the Shadow of God!

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