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First Line: Celia, that I once was blest
Last Line: Love that's true, is love for ever.
Subject(s): Blessings; Love; Singing & Singers; Songs


Celia, that I once was blest
Is now the Torment of my Brest;
Since to curse me, you bereave me
Of the Pleasures I possest:
Cruel Creature, to deceive me!
First to love, and then to leave me.


Had you the Bliss refus'd to grant,
Then I had never known the want:
But possessing once the Blessing,
Is the Cause of my Complaint:
Once possessing is but tasting;
'Tis no Bliss that is not lasting.


Celia now is mine no more;
But I am hers and must adore:
Nor to leave her will endeavour;
Charms, that captiv'd me before,
No Unkindness can dissever;
Love that's true, is Love for ever.

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