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TABLE MANNERS, by            
First Line: When teddy bears are brought to table
Last Line: As if they lived in town.
Subject(s): Dinners & Dining; Etiquette; Tableware; Manners; Courtesy; Cutlery; Forks; Plates

WHEN Teddy Bears are brought to table
They do not clatter forks and knives;
They act as well as they are able,
And do so all their lives.

They do not tip back in their chairs,
Or leave the spoon within the cup,
Or crook a finger for fine airs;
They're very well brought up.

They keep their mouths shut when they're chewing,
Nor chew aloud, nor smack their lips;
They're quite refined, whatever's doing —
They drink not gulps, but sips.

They speak when they are spoken to;
Their elbows are not up, but down;
They say, "Yes, please," and "I thank you,"
As if they lived in town.

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