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First Line: Allah ho akbar! Allah ho akbar!
Last Line: Naray'yana! Naray'yana!
Subject(s): Churches; Clergy; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Prayer; Religion; Women - Bible; Cathedrals; Priests; Rabbis; Ministers; Bishops; Virgin Mary; Theology

Allah ho Akbar! Allah ho Akbar!
From mosque and minar the muezzins are calling;
Pour forth your praises, O Chosen of Islam;
Swiftly the shadows of sunset are falling:
Allah ho Akbar! Allah ho Akbar!

Ave Maria! Ave Maria!
Devoutly the priests at the altars are singing;
O ye who worship the Son of the Virgin,
Make your orisons, the vespers are ringing:
Ave Maria! Ave Maria!

Ahura Mazda! Ahura Mazda!
How the sonorous Avesta is flowing!
Ye, who to Flame and the light make obeisance,
Bend low where the quenchless blue torches are glowing:
Ahura Mazda! Ahura Mazda!

Naray'yana! Naray'yana!
Hark to the ageless, divine invocation!
Lift up your hands, O ye children of Bramha.
Lift up your voices in rapt adoration:
Naray'yana! Naray'yana!

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