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WANDERING BEGGARS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: From the threshold of the dawn
Last Line: Y' allah! Y' allah!
Subject(s): Death; Dead, The

FROM the threshold of the Dawn
On we wander, always on
Till the friendly light be gone
Y' Allah! Y' Allah!

We are free-born sons of Fate,
What care we for wealth or state
Or the glory of the great?
Y' Allah! Y' Allah!

Life may grant us or withhold
Roof or raiment, bread or gold,
But our hearts are gay and bold.
Y' Allah! Y' Allah!

Time is like a wind that blows,
The future is a folded rose,
Who shall pluck it no man knows,
Y' Allah! Y' Allah!

So we go a fearless band,
The staff of freedom in our hand
Wandering from land to land,
Y' Allah! Y' Allah!

Till we meet the Night that brings
Both to beggars and to kings
The end of all their journeyings,
Y' Allah! Y' Allah!

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