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THE SMITTEN PURIST, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Thweet poethy! Let me lithp fortwith
Last Line: Pup -- patronymic of smith!
Alternate Author Name(s): Johnson Of Boone, Benj. F.
Subject(s): Names; Rhyme

THWEET Poethy! let me lithp forthwith,
That I may thhing of the name of Smith --
Which name, alath!
In Harmony hath
No adequate rhyme, letht you grant me thith, --
That the thimple thibillant thound of eth --
(Which to thave my thoul, I can not expreth!)
Thuth I may thhingingly,
Wooingly and winningly
Thu -- thu -- thound in the name of Smith.

O give me a name that will rhyme with Smith, --
For wild and weird ath the sthrange name ith,
I would sthrangle a sthrain
And a thad refrain
Faint and sthweet ath a whithpered kissth;
I would thhing thome thong for the mythtic mitth
Who beareth the thingular name of Smith --
The dathzlingly brilli-ant,
Rarely rethilliant
Ap -- pup -- pellation of Smith!

O had I a name that would rhyme with Smith --
Thome rhythmical tincture of rethonant blith --
Thome melody rare
Ath the cherubth blare
On them little trumpeths they're foolin' with --
I would thit me down, and I'd thhing like thith
Of the girl of the thingular name of Smith --
The sthrangely curiouth,
Rich and luxuriouth
Pup -- patronymic of Smith!

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