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First Line: Very solid rascals. Several have exploited your worlds
Last Line: I alone hold the key to this savage ballyhoo.*
Subject(s): Disdain; Scorn

Very solid rascals. Several have exploited your worlds. Without needs, and in
no great hurry to bring to bear their brilliant abilities and their experience
of your consciences. What mature men! Eyes dazed after the manner of the summer
night, red and black, tricolored, of steel pricked with golden stars; deformed
physiognomies, leaden, blanched, burnt-out; frolicsome hoarsenesses. The cruel
gait of tinsel fineries! -There are some young ones-how would they look upon
Cherubino?-provided with frightful voices and certain dangerous resources. They
are sent into town to gain experience, rigged up with a disgusting luxury.
Oh most violent Paradise of the frenzied grimace! Your Fakirs and other
scenic buffooneries are not to be compared. In improvised costumes, in the style
of a bad dream, they play laments, tragedies of brigands and of demigods witty
as history or religions have never been. Chinamen, Hottentots, gypsies,
simpletons, hyenas, Molochs, old lunacies, sinister demons, they mingle popular,
maternal stunts with bestial poses and caresses. They would interpret new plays
and simple-minded ballads. Master jugglers, they transform place and persons
and make use of magnetic comedy. The eyes blaze, the blood sings, the bones
expand, there is trickling of tears and red filaments. Their banter, their
terror lasts a minute, or months on end.
I alone hold the key to this savage ballyhoo.*

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