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First Line: The room is open to the turquoise sky
Last Line: Charm the blue of their window instead!
Subject(s): Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

The room is open to the turquoise sky;
No place at all: coffers and hutches!
And the birthwort on the wall outside
Is all aquiver with hobgoblin gums.

Intrigues of jinn for sure,
This vain disorder and expense!
It's the African fairy who supplies
Mulberry, and cobwebs in the corners.

They enter, godmothers in a huff
In shafts of light on the buffets,
Then stay! And the couple rushes out
Quite scatterbrained, and nothing done.

The bridegroom, like the wind, which
In his absence robs him.
Even the evil water sprites come in,
Roaming around the alcove's province.

At night their friend, Oh the honeymoon!
Will cull their smile and fill
With a thousand copper bands the sky.
There's the sly rat to cope with too.

If only no ignis fatuus darts in,
Like the shot of a gun after vespers!
-O holy white Ghosts of Bethlehem
Charm the blue of their window instead!

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