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TOO STILL WATERS, by            
First Line: Priscilla primly waves to mrs. Brown
Last Line: For too-still waters make a stagnant pool.

Priscilla primly waves to Mrs. Brown
Who cleans a muddy porch across the street;
While neighbors envy she sits idly down --
Her floors are never marred by children's feet.
A boy and girl are passing wrapped in dreams.
Ah, now her tightened lips repress a moan --
She laughed with scorn when April sang her themes --
No other life is blended with her own.

But while her pulses quicken she appears
To be as unemotional as a nun,
Displays no sign of midnight's acrid tears
Because in quiet ways her life must run.
Yet well she knows she played the part of fool;
For too-still waters make a stagnant pool.

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