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THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE, by            
First Line: Love came triumphant to my soul last night
Last Line: Oh! Past, well dost thou know this love of mine!
Subject(s): Hearts; Love; Passion

Love came triumphant to my soul last night,
As music breathes from Heaven's noblest sphere—
A tender, careless, acquiescent flight,
Mist-veiled in ringlets of a thousand curls.
She then, I know well, ends the world's despair,
The aching loss in souls from deepest pain
To ecstasy of love and Love's great ties—
Her joys, her quests, and sovereign disdain,
Dark eyes, ruby lips, and teeth of pearls
To melting words, as soft as summer's air.

The yielding sweet expression of her face,
From soft converse in smiles, to love-gemmed tears
Of Passion like the season, wildered heart and place.
I gazed and gazed again, my every glance
Like lightning on her brow: brief space to years
Weaved in her treasured, sun-gold wondrous hair.
Listless there, dream-drowsy in a perfumed trance
Encircled by my arms lies Love. Sweet surrender!
A maze of misty flame—sun-splendor!
'Tis that, I know, makes all the world so fair.

Soft-footed Asiatics trailed this Love,
Greeks ankleted, in gems or togas bright;
As old her slaves as those who watch above—
Peplum purpling and rich balconies o' night—
Adown the winding stairs of History.
Mystery—strange, sleep-swaying scents—through
Lips, rose-liquor that the sphinxes knew;
Beauteous eyes and cheeks the angels have caressed,
Hers was the perfume o'er the martyrs' shrine;
By theme and song her tenderest mood expressed.
Oh! Past, well dost thou know this Love of mine!

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