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First Line: Beloved! I love thee! Ah, what an essay in
Last Line: Three words—upon each crest of passion burning!
Subject(s): Passion

Beloved! I love thee! Ah, what an essay in
Three words—writ down in fire from off a golden
Quill,—a sentence stole from out the rifled
Treasury of my soul. No magic art
E'er yields a cure for love—no stone-age
Monuments outlive the masonry
That thou dost weave about my heart.
Thou shalt be my day-dawn in eternity,
My sunrise 'round the sapphire cup of Heaven.

I feel thine auburn hair and kiss thy lilied
Cheek, whose whiteness breaks to rose. Beloved,
The fields of life are sprinkled for our joy.
I understand the pulse from o'er thy secret soul;
I learn the languors of thine unseen sea;
No real world anywhere but in thine arms,
Where earth becomes a ruby in Love's crown,
And from its setting leaps into a flame.

Thy voice is magical—each word a vision
Versed in stanzas of divinest symmetry.
Thine eyes—two dynasties of wondrous power—
Urns oft-times perhaps in quiet slumber—
Great gems as suns upon the breast of day.

Behold! the galleons of our love! Last night!—
Shall I forget it e'er I die—those dreams
Of mine, which now have all come true? A chamber
Rich in tapestries as Arabs spin,
Perfumed with fragrance of an Orient bloom!
A maze and glow and mystic quivering,
A dreamful joy in sweeter raptures ending!
Thou there, Beloved—in all supreme surrender,
Loose thy hair in soft profusion hanging,
One sleeping wave of bliss to oceans wakening,—
Three words—upon each crest of passion burning!

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