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First Line: I don't even hear the geese
Subject(s): Sleep

I don't even hear the geese
honking as they dive-bomb the pond on March 5 A.M.'S,
and I don't hear our son's alarm,
the clump of his boots
down the creaking stairs,
nor the telephone ringing in the living room
where you used to stay up talking
because you could not sleep, and I feigned tiredness
to go to bed, where I would turn
your Christmas gift, Sleep-Eaze, up to ten
on Waterfall with overlay of Frogs and Doves,
or Forest with Soaring Owls,
but usually on eight for Surf I with Train,
that chug-chug so oddly comforting as I was on my way
down tracks that dully gleamed
like those when I was twelve or thirteen,
no fear then of falling off to cinder and glass,
or wondering if anyone would be home when I returned,
traveling mile after mile for no reason at all
except to get somewhere and then turn back.

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