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First Line: The top of the hill was dark and clear
Last Line: The wisdom I have learned.
Subject(s): Hearts; Love

THE top of the hill was dark and clear.
Six little stars came out,
And silver grasses held their breath
To hear sky whisperings about.

For I had come to talk with the wind
At the crystal rim of the night,
To learn the way of hidden things
Like wild grey geese in flight.
To ask if honeysuckle scent
Made the yellow moon's pale gold,
And what the wood dove's sad note meant,
And if scarlet clouds are cold;
And if the song of the mockingbird
Is caught in the mad brook's rill,
Or whether the shimmering tune I heard
Was an echoing daffodil;
These were the secret things to ask
In the night where none could see
Dark mystery shining in my eyes
When the wind had answered me.

But the wind was sullen that night on the hill
Where I stood with my arms outspread,
And I called in vain through the dark until
My lover came instead.
For something told me who it was
That ran with eager feet
And held my face against his breast
To hear his swift heart beat.

I offered him my cool young mouth:
He drank as from a cup
Till in the thirsty soul of him
My own was lifted up ...
And all at once within me deep
The radiant knowledge burned—
But, oh, I cannot bear to tell
The wisdom I have learned.

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