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IF A GYPSY LAD SHOULD CALL, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Oh, there are days when I would go
Last Line: Because you did not call!
Subject(s): Absence; Hearts; Love; Separation; Isolation

OH, there are days when I would go
Wherever you might call.
I would shut fast my cottage door
And scale the garden wall,
And where your slim brown hand led on
By some dim forest track,
I would trudge gaily at your side
And never once look back.

And when the way had grown too long
Your love would be my staff,
Until we reached a lovely spot
Where hidden waters laugh,
While a low moon dusts sifted gold
Through flaming autumn leaves,
And dusky boughs are draped with lace
An old grey spider weaves.

There you would chant your lyric tunes
For the stars and me to hear,
Till all the shadows faded out,
Then you would draw me near,
And I would sleep against your heart
Until the opal skies
Had dawned again to bring anew
The wonder of your eyes.

Ah, there are days when I would fly
To go where you might be...
But when my cottage lamps are lit,
And tables set for tea,
With fireshine dancing on the hearth
And through the shadowed hall,
I think I am a little glad
Because you did not call!

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