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First Line: And I who thought the world was done
Last Line: Becomes a little part of god.
Subject(s): God; Nature

AND I who thought the world was done
Have found creation just begun
Since I have touched a loveliness
As lustrous as the mute caress
Of gold moonlight on tranquil streams,
And gossamer as futile dreams;
The loveliness of wild white geese
Against the blue where winds release
In silver ribbons flying high
The fleeting music of their cry;
The beauty of cool slanted rains
Upon the bosom of dun plains,
And drab slopes brave with fertile yield
Of dim new grass across each field;
Of opal clouds that scarve the sky
When pearl grey wisps of dusk float by,
Of lace that spiders have spun new
To catch a drift of tinsel dew;
The loveliness of seas at night
When emerald lanes of molten light
Are paths that wander from the shore
To some mermaid's pink coral door;
The loveliness that deep roots know
Who, bedded blind that trees may grow,
Gnaw in the dark their hungry way
Through layered eons of dull clay;
The beauty of a river bed
Beneath whose limpid waters spread
The patterned waves in oozy mold
Where lazy ripples bend and fold;
A loveliness as big as earth
Who gives the snow-swathed mountains birth
And huddles them upon her breast
Tucked in with sleepy stars to rest;
The loveliness of life and death
Caught up in one ecstatic breath
When naked soul is fused with soul
To make a single perfect whole—
That lucent moment when a clod
Becomes a little part of God.

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