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Collins, Martha    Poet's Biography
17 poems available by this author

A BOOK OF DAYS. 1    Poem Text    
First Line: In the story, she gives him everything
Last Line: And where shall I go to find her?
Subject(s): Man-woman Relationships

A BOOK OF DAYS; 2. VETERANS DAY    Poem Text    
First Line: The game is to kill the king, he said
Last Line: Understand: I was trying to win myself
Subject(s): Man-woman Relationships

A BOOK OF DAYS; 10. EPIPHANY    Poem Text    
First Line: At last, snow, flocked
Last Line: Its breath that breathes
Subject(s): Religion; Spirituality; Theology

A BOOK OF DAYS; 25. PENTECOST    Poem Text    
First Line: The sun gone for a moment, air
Last Line: Of the word that was, that was to be
Subject(s): Religion; Spirituality; Theology

DOOR    Poem Text    
First Line: Sound me out
Last Line: Myself - / you
Subject(s): Relationships

HAIR    Poem Text    
First Line: He sat on the stool waiting
Last Line: Of her there
Subject(s): Hair

INSIDE    Poem Text    
First Line: This time she called across the room while the rain
Last Line: She moved inside, as a woman moves into a room.
Subject(s): Relationships; Snow

LINES        Recitation
Subject(s): Relationships

LINES    Poem Text    
First Line: Draw a line. Write a line. There.
Last Line: To y, let x be me, let y be you
Subject(s): Love

OPEN    Poem Text    
First Line: That yard half-blue with scylla,
Last Line: Between its banks -- I am waiting for you
Subject(s): Relationships

RIVER    Poem Text    
First Line: As the plane flew in I followed
Last Line: Somewhere and now I am saying goodbye
Subject(s): Rivers; Childhood Memories

THE GOOD GRAY WOLF    Poem Text    
First Line: Wanted that red, wanted everything tucked inside
Last Line: By love, were all she ever dreamed of
Subject(s): Wolves

THE STORY WE KNOW    Poem Text     Recitation
Last Line: Good-bye is the only story. We know, we know
Subject(s): Conduct Of Life

WIND CHILL    Poem Text    
First Line: The snow blowing across the road
Last Line: Of snow blowing like god across the road
Subject(s): Snow

First Line: We're deep in the hills, in the noon sun, when we come
Last Line: Of the white election 
Variant Title(s): A Book Of Days: 6 Dickinso
Subject(s): Dickinson, Emily (1830-1886)

[WHITE PAPER #14]    Poem Text    
First Line: Black keys from trees white keys locked
Last Line: Https://www.Poets.Org/poetsorg/poem/14
Subject(s): Racism; Racial Prejudice; Bigotry

[WHITE PAPER #28]    Poem Text    
First Line: Could get a credit card loan car
Last Line: Before me where to choose to and I
Subject(s): Race Awareness