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Hayes, Terrance    Poet's Biography
34 poems available by this author

A. MACHINE    Poem Text    
First Line: Hey, I am learning what it means to ride condemned.
Last Line: When you get this message, will you sigh, my lover is gone
Subject(s): Life

ABDUCTOR    Poem Text    
First Line: Because I cannot correct my name. Because the boat
Subject(s): Doubt; Love; Marriage; Skepticism; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

AMBULANCE    Poem Text    
First Line: Some fool ignores the manual
Last Line: Above you asking your name, but you won't have a clue
Subject(s): Ambulances

ANCHOR HEAD    Poem Text    
First Line: Because keyless and clueless,
Last Line: And then calling out no more

AT PEGASUS    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: They are like those crazy women
Last Line: Wet & holy in its mouth
Subject(s): Youth; Love - Beginnings; Desire

BECKONED    Poem Text    
First Line: Has your memory ever been
Subject(s): Memory; Past

BOXCAR    Poem Text    
First Line: Black as snow & ice as cool / miles stood horn-handed while
Subject(s): Play

BULLETHEAD        Recitation by Author

CANDIED YAMS'    Poem Text    
First Line: 3 boiled whole yams unpeeled and sliced,
Last Line: I want to make magic / magic
Subject(s): Food & Eating

CARP POEM    Poem Text    
First Line: After I have parked below the spray paint caked in the granite
Last Line: Packed so close they might have eaten each other had there been nothing else to eat
Subject(s): Prisons & Prisoners; African Americans; Youth; Poetry & Poets; Convicts; Negroes; American Blacks

COCKTAILS WITH ORPHEUS    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: After dark, the bar full of women part of me loves—the part that stood
Last Line: Of pleas released, but I am a black wound, what's left of the deed
Subject(s): Orpheus

First Line: I take my $, buy a pair of very bright kicks for the game
Last Line: "even when he said, “we should go to the movies sometime,""
Subject(s): Shoes; African Americans; Boots; Sneakers; Shoemakers; Negroes; American Blacks

FISH HEAD FOR KATRINA    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: The mouth is where the dead who are not dead
Last Line: The mouth is a flooded machine
Subject(s): Hurricane Katrina (2005)

GOD IS AN AMERICAN    Poem Text    
First Line: I still love words. When we make love in the morning,
Last Line: Alright. It aches like an open book. It makes it difficult to live
Subject(s): Beauty

GOLIATH POEM    Poem Text    
First Line: I am always sorry for the big ape falling
Last Line: And the moon curved above us like an ear
Variant Title(s): The Sound Of A Big Man
Subject(s): Memory

HOWYOUBEENS'    Poem Text    
First Line: Mostly people talk to people, holding
Last Line: Wasting it. Dumb. Whining about the wind
Subject(s): Language; Words; Vocabulary

LIGHTHEAD'S GUIDE TO ADDICTION        Recitation by Author
First Line: And cif you are addicted to sleep, a bay of fresh coffee may help
Subject(s): Addictions

LIGHTHEAD'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: Ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and children of the state,
Last Line: Out on a limb, there’s a chance you’ll fall in your sleep

LINER NOTES TO AN IMAGINARY PLAYLIST    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: Wind solo' by the felonious monks
Subject(s): Music & Musicians

MYSTIC BOUNCE    Poem Text    
First Line: Even if you love the racket of ascension,
Last Line: "a hillside."" that's why I'm not a christian"
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

NEW FOLK    Poem Text    
First Line: I said folk was dressed in blues but hairier and hemped.
Last Line: "til it stilled. ""when the moon's black,"" I said. ""be faithful"
Subject(s): African Americans - Song & Music

ODE TO BALTHUS    Poem Text    
First Line: Old dirty, dirty. Old dirty, dirty handful of skin & motion
Subject(s): Sex; Virginity; Vestals

ODE TO BIG TREND    Poem Text    
First Line: Pretty soon the negroes were looking to get paid.
Subject(s): Labor & Laborers; African Americans; Work; Workers; Negroes; American Blacks

PITTSBURGH IS'    Poem Text    
First Line: A large woman gabbing at the bus stop.
Last Line: My stout, blabbering metaphor
Subject(s): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

SHAFRO    Poem Text    
First Line: Now that my afro's as big as shaft's
Last Line: I grow beautiful as the theatre dims
Subject(s): Shaft (Fictional Character); African Americans; Negroes; American Blacks

SHAKUR        Recitation by Author
Subject(s): Shakur, Topac (1971-1996)

STICK ELEGY    Poem Text    
First Line: The dead were still singing turn the lights down low
Last Line: Into trend's shadow because our money always followed
Subject(s): Friendship; Death; Dead, The

THE BLUE TERRANCE    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: If you subtract the minor losses,
Last Line: Yes, I’m lonesome and I’m blue
Subject(s): Solitude

THE GOLDEN SHOVEL    Poem Text    
Last Line: Of hunger, we end too soon
Subject(s): Family Life; Youth; Relatives

THE SAME CITY        Recitation by Author

TOUCH    Poem Text    
First Line: We made our own laws.
Last Line: For collision. We called it touch
Subject(s): Games; Youth; Recreation; Pastimes; Amusements

WHAT I AM    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: Fred sanford's on at 12
Last Line: Fred tells lamont
Subject(s): African Americans; Negroes; American Blacks

WIND IN A BOX    Poem Text    
First Line: This ink. This name. This blood. This blunder.
Last Line: In the body. This wind in the blood
Subject(s): Touch (Sense); Self

First Line: When I consider the much discussed dilemma
Last Line: Linked by a blood filled baton in one great historical relay
Subject(s): African Americans; Negroes; American Blacks