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Ryan, Michael    Poet's Biography
46 poems available by this author

First Line: From embarrassment, I made statements.
Subject(s): Man-woman Relationships; Male-female Relations

A SHAPE FOR IT    Poem Text    
First Line: Sometimes when time goes by
Subject(s): Time

A THANK-YOU NOTE    Poem Text    
First Line: My daughter made drawings with the pens you sent,
Subject(s): Children; Love; Childhood

AFTER    Poem Text    
First Line: The space we feel inside us
Subject(s): Self; Fortitude

AGAINST WHICH    Poem Text    
First Line: Habit smacks / its dull skull
Subject(s): Thought; Thinking

AN OLD STORY    Poem Text    
First Line: Like an old story's need for detail
Subject(s): Love - Nature Of

CONTENTMENT    Poem Text    
First Line: Fragile, provisional, it comes unbidden
Subject(s): Contentment

COUNTRY FAIR    Poem Text    
First Line: Amost anyone, I guess, can rent booth space
Subject(s): Country Fairs; Hawks; Man-women Relationships; Dancing & Dancers; Girls

DICKHEAD    Poem Text    
Subject(s): Alienation (Social); Human Behavior; Conduct Of Life; Human Nature

GARBAGE TRUCK    Poem Text    
First Line: Once I had two strong young men hanging off my butt
Subject(s): Refuse & Refuse Removal; Garbage; Sanitation Collection; Trash; Sewers And Sewage; Street Cleaners

Subject(s): Girls; Schools; Music & Musicians; Students

HALF MILE DOWN    Poem Text    
First Line: My sick heart and my sick soul
Subject(s): Sea; Ocean

HARD TIMES    Poem Text    
First Line: The lousy job my father lands
Subject(s): Family Life; Food & Eating; Relatives

HERE I AM    Poem Text    
First Line: On a subway station bench
Subject(s): Subways; Relationships

HOPELESS    Poem Text    
First Line: All this endless unconnected desire
Subject(s): Despair

I    Poem Text    
Subject(s): Self

I HAD A TAPEWORM    Poem Text    
First Line: I had a tapeworm, and imagined it
Subject(s): Unfaithfulness; Illness; Infidelity; Adultery; Inconstancy

IN WINTER    Poem Text    
Subject(s): Winter; Love - Loss Of

LARKINESQUE    Poem Text    
First Line: Reading in the paper a summary
Subject(s): Beauty

First Line: The ward beds float like ghost ships
Subject(s): Psychiatric Hospitals; Dreams; Mad Houses; Insane Asylums; Nightmares

MY YOUNG MOTHER    Poem Text    
First Line: What she couldn't give me
Subject(s): Mothers

ODD MOMENT    Poem Text    
First Line: Live your values said a voice
Subject(s): Mothers; Death; Dead, The

OUTSIDE    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: The dead thing mashed into the street
Subject(s): Death; Love - Loss Of; Dead, The

POEM AT THIRTY    Poem Text    
Subject(s): Aging

PROTHALAMION    Poem Text    
Subject(s): Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

REMINDER    Poem Text    
First Line: Torment by appetite
Subject(s): Love

SEX    Poem Text    
First Line: After the earth finally touches the sun
Subject(s): Love - Erotic; Loneliness

SLEF-HELP    Poem Text    
First Line: What kind of delusion are you under?
Subject(s): Marriage; Disappointment; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

STONES    Poem Text    
First Line: They don't change, or change so slowlhy
Subject(s): Stones; Death; Granite; Rocks; Dead, The

SWITCHBLADE    Poem Text    
First Line: Most of the past is lost
Subject(s): Nostalgia

TANGLEWOOD    Poem Text    
First Line: We were trying to talk about love
Subject(s): Music & Musicians; Man-woman Relationships; Male-female Relations

THE BLACK HOLE    Poem Text    
First Line: The black hole from which nothing comes
Subject(s): Nothingness; Relationships; Nihilism; Voids

THE DITCH    Poem Text    
First Line: In the ditch, half-ton sections of cast-iron molds
Subject(s): Industry; Labor & Laborers; Work; Workers

THE DOG    Poem Text    
Subject(s): Dogs

THE GREAT DARK    Poem Text    
First Line: Before anything else

THE OTHERS    Poem Text    
First Line: They slept and ate like us.
Subject(s): War; Social Commentaries

THE PAST    Poem Text    
First Line: It shows up one summer in a greatcoat,
Subject(s): Past

Subject(s): Loneliness; Jesus Christ

THE USE OF POETRY    Poem Text    
First Line: On the day a fourteen year old disappaered in ojai, california
Subject(s): Poetry & Poets

TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH    Poem Text    
First Line: Like a thin rock spinning across the lake
Subject(s): Truth

TUTELARY    Poem Text    
First Line: What a fuckup you are
Subject(s): Conscience; Death; Skulls; Dead, The

VERY HOT DAY    Poem Text    
First Line: I know what's going to happen
Subject(s): Ice; Heat

WAKING AT NIGHT    Poem Text    
First Line: I won't die in my sleep
Subject(s): Night; Loss; Bedtime

First Line: It was 1945, and it was may
Subject(s): Birth; Conception; Child Birth; Midwifery

WHERE I'LL BE GOOD    Poem Text    
First Line: Wanting leads to worse than oddity.
Subject(s): Conduct Of Life; Middle Age

WINTER DROUGHT    Poem Text    
First Line: First you cut your wrists and throat
Subject(s): Suicide; Friendship