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Zagajewski, Adam    Poet's Biography
16 poems available by this author

AT DAYBREAK    Poem Text    
First Line: From the train window at daybreak
Last Line: The train picking up speed
Subject(s): Railroads; Cities; Desolation

AUTUMN    Poem Text    
First Line: Autumn is always too early.
Subject(s): Autumn; Fall

BALANCE    Poem Text    
First Line: I watched the arctic landscape from above
Subject(s): Air Travel; Landscape

BETRAYAL    Poem Text    
First Line: The greatest delight, I sense
Last Line: A god other than our own
Subject(s): Betrayal; Women

ELECTRIC ELEGY    Poem Text    
First Line: Farewell, german radio with your green eye
Last Line: When the next dictator-rooster crows
Subject(s): Radio

EVENING, STARY SACZ    Poem Text    
First Line: The sun sets behind the market square, and the nettle leaves reflect
Subject(s): City & Town Life

FIRST COMMUNION    Poem Text    
First Line: Dark gray houses and triangular bay windows
Last Line: Even a second communion
Subject(s): Communions

GREAT SHIPS    Poem Text    
First Line: This is a poem about the great ships that wandered
Subject(s): Ships & Shipping

MY AUNTS    Poem Text    
First Line: Always caught up in what they called
Subject(s): Aunts

NIGHT IS A CISTERN    Poem Text    
First Line: Night is a cistern. Owls sing. Refugees tread meadow roads
Subject(s): Night; Walking; Bedtime

SELF-PORTRAIT    Poem Text    
First Line: Between the computer, a pencil, and a typewriter
Subject(s): Self

SUBMERGED CITY    Poem Text    
First Line: That city will be no more, no halos
Subject(s): City & Town Life

TIERRA DEL FUEGO    Poem Text    
First Line: You who see our homes at night
Subject(s): Conduct Of Life

TO GO TO LVOV    Poem Text    
First Line: To go to lvov. Which station
Subject(s): Lvov, Poland; Travel; Lviv, Ukraine; Lemberg, Austria; Journeys; Trips

First Line: There are nights as soft as fur on a foal
Last Line: We have nowhere to go
Subject(s): Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945); Jews; Shoah; Judaism

WHEN DEATH CAME    Poem Text    
First Line: I wasn't with you when death came
Last Line: Sparrows fighting for crumbs
Subject(s): Death; Dead, The