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Author: brown, sterling
Matches Found: 13

Brown, Sterling Allen    Poet's Biography
13 poems available by this author

AFTER WINTER    Poem Text    
First Line: He snuggles his fingers
Last Line: "runnin' space . . . "
Subject(s): Farm Life; Hope; Agriculture; Farmers; Optimism

First Line: They said to my grandmother: 'please do not be bitter.'
Subject(s): African Americans; Racism; Negroes; American Blacks; Racial Prejudice; Bigotry

CABARET    Poem Text    
First Line: Rich, flashy, puffy-faced / hebrew and anglo-saxon
Subject(s): African Americans - Song & Music; Jazz; Music & Musicians

FORECLOSURE    Poem Text    
First Line: Father missouri takes his own
Last Line: And the old river rolls on, slowly to the gulf.
Subject(s): Missouri River; Rivers

LONG GONE       
First Line: I laks yo' kin' of lovin'
Subject(s): Wandering & Wanderers; Wanderlust; Vagabonds; Tramps; Hoboes

MA RAINEY    Poem Text    
First Line: When ma rainey comes to town
Subject(s): African Americans - Song & Music; African Americans - Women; Blues (Music); Jazz; Music & Musicians; Rainey, Ma (1886-1939); Singing & Singers; Women; Songs

MEMPHIS BLUES    Poem Text    
First Line: Nineveh, tyre / babylon
Subject(s): African Americans; Negroes; American Blacks

OLD LEM    Poem Text    
First Line: I talked to old lem
Last Line: "but they come by tens."
Subject(s): Racism; Racial Prejudice; Bigotry

First Line: We saw a bloody sunset over courtland, once jerusalem
Last Line: The marker split for kindling a kitchen fire.
Subject(s): African Americans; Jerusalem; Slavery; Turner, Nat (1800-1831); Negroes; American Blacks; Serfs

SISTER LOU    Poem Text    
First Line: Honey
Last Line: Honey, take yo' bressed time.
Subject(s): African Americans; Death; Railroads; Negroes; American Blacks; Dead, The; Railways; Trains

First Line: Down in atlanta / de whitefolks got laws
Subject(s): Atlanta, Georgia

SOUTHERN ROAD    Poem Text    
First Line: Swing dat hammer - hunh - / steady, bo'
Subject(s): African Americans; Roads; Southern States; Negroes; American Blacks; Paths; Trails; South (U.s.)

STRONG MEN    Poem Text    
First Line: They dragged you from the homeland
Subject(s): African Americans; Racism; Slavery; Social Protest; Strength; Negroes; American Blacks; Racial Prejudice; Bigotry; Serfs