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Author: davidson, donald
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Davidson, Donald    Poet's Biography
8 poems available by this author

First Line: Aunt maria, to whom all doors are open
Subject(s): Aunts

CENSORED    Poem Text    
Subject(s): Censorship

POT MACABRE    Poem Text    
Subject(s): Witchcraft & Witches

PRIE-DIEU    Poem Text    
First Line: Of what sins have you made confession here
Subject(s): Books & Reading; Beauty

TEACH ME    Poem Text    
First Line: Teach me, old world, your passion of slow change

THE AMULET    Poem Text    
First Line: Thou twist of gold, woven so curiously
Subject(s): Charms (Magic)

THE HOUSE OF THE SUN    Poem Text    
First Line: The doorways of the sun were closed;
Subject(s): Sun

THE TIGER-WOMAN    Poem Text    
First Line: The tiger-woman came to me
Subject(s): Women

Davidson, Donald (Grady)    Poet's Biography
8 poems available by this author

ALL FOOLS' CALENDER    Poem Text    
First Line: In january dread the ice
Last Line: There'll be nothing to remember.
Subject(s): Moths

DRUMS AND BRASS    Poem Text    
First Line: Bring trumpet throats that are big with a gust of moons
Last Line: Till the untold morning be come and the dancers be fled.
Subject(s): Drums; Musical Instruments; Trumpets

First Line: I saw ecclesiasticus
Last Line: And thanked the mercy of the lord.

EPITHALAMION    Poem Text    
First Line: Come now, though muses are not left to sing
Last Line: And wake, my love, for still it is our bridal day
Subject(s): Wedding Song; Epithalamium

JASPER    Poem Text    
First Line: If jasper saw a silver crescent declining
Last Line: "let the songs I knew speed warm to your utterance."
Subject(s): Death; Funerals; Dead, The; Burials

JOHN DARROW    Poem Text    
First Line: John darrow felt a coolness / across the streak of sun
Last Line: That never must be told.

LEE IN THE MOUNTAINS, 1865-1870    Poem Text     Recitation by Author
First Line: Walking into the shadows, walking alone
Last Line: Unto all generations of the faithful heart
Subject(s): Lee, Robert Edward (1807-1870)

First Line: Before you touch the bolt that locks this gate
Last Line: Perhaps you'll find, -- but never come back again.
Subject(s): Castles; Dreams; Nightmares