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Author: herbert, george
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Clarke, George Herbert   
101 poems available by this author

First Line: Shepherd jesus, in thy arms
Last Line: Angels watching over me!

First Line: The birds brood silent in the underbrush
Last Line: Be I thy mourner, child, and thou my care!
Subject(s): Forests; Graves; Humanity; Mourning; Nature; Woods; Tombs; Tombstones; Bereavement

First Line: Sweet and golden afternoon
Last Line: Night is nigh!
Subject(s): Afternoon; Birds; Flowers; Laughter; Spring

First Line: I felt a breeze blowing upon my brow
Last Line: How may it hope for morning? It must die.
Subject(s): Girls; Hearts; Hope; Love; Sleep; Optimism

First Line: Weary and wishful of the woods, we hear
Last Line: Always thyself abideth, calm and strong!
Subject(s): Death; Dramatists; Fate; Life; Love; Plays & Playwrights ; Poetry & Poets; Shakespeare, William (1564-1616); Dead, The; Destiny; Dramatists

A LAKE SUNRISE    Poem Text    
First Line: Sheathed by the everlasting sky
Last Line: Whereon an angel lingering may kneel and pray.
Subject(s): Angels; Dawn; Lakes; Nature - Religious Aspects; Sunrise; Pools; Ponds

A LIFE BEYOND?'       
First Line: A life beyond? Not mine the mournful cry!

First Line: If the world were itself alone, - mere mountains and seas and cities
Last Line: Thou brooding, loving artist, whose holiest name is beauty.
Subject(s): Art & Artists; Beauty; Creative Ability; God; Nature - Religious Aspects; Night; Rivers; Inspiration; Creativity; Bedtime

First Line: Of sorrows bitter-strange is wove his fate
Last Line: More bitter is the grief that eats his heart!
Subject(s): Grief; Humanity; Jesus Christ; Pain; Sorrow; Sadness; Suffering; Misery

A SETTLER'S GRAVE    Poem Text    
First Line: Far on the outflung headland thou dost lie
Last Line: And in the boughs above the redbirds nest?
Subject(s): Death; Graves; Love; Nature; Pioneers; Dead, The; Tombs; Tombstones

A SONNET OF SPOUSAL    Poem Text    
First Line: Over the mountain hangs the hush of dawn
Last Line: And worship in its holy evening hour!
Subject(s): Love; Marriage; Maturity; Nature; Sonnet (As Literary Form); Weddings; Husbands; Wives

A SUMMER NIGHT    Poem Text    
First Line: Silent the vast of night
Last Line: And share my brothers' silence.
Subject(s): Nature - Religious Aspects; Night; Silence; Summer; Bedtime

A VOICE TO THE DYING    Poem Text    
First Line: Unknown and uncounted the years thou hadst / lain in my bosom
Last Line: But never to be parted from her that bids thee come!
Subject(s): Comfort; Death; Future Life; Mothers; Dead, The; Retribution; Eternity; After Life

A WINTER TWILIGHT    Poem Text    
First Line: The year has reached december days
Last Line: And so he dreams himself to rest.
Subject(s): Animals; December; Dogs; Friendship; Man-woman Relationships; Winter; Male-female Relations

First Line: When first I found thee, ruth, I thought: 'how rare!'
Last Line: Remembering a chaos of caresses.
Subject(s): Desire; Love; Luck; Marriage; Passion; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

AN OLD MASTER    Poem Text    
First Line: I saw a picture yesternight
Last Line: The white-pure moon looked out.
Subject(s): Beauty; Moon; Storms; Transience; Impermanence

ANTINOMY    Poem Text    
First Line: There is no truth!
Last Line: This evil thing ye publish her woman-eyes disprove.
Subject(s): Disdain; Lies; Love; Truth; Women; Scorn

ARIEL'S REVENGE    Poem Text    
First Line: In olden time sprite ariel would fly
Last Line: T is thou hast freed us, and we love thee well!
Subject(s): Angels; Forgiveness; Humanity; Love; Clemency

AT PARTYING    Poem Text    
First Line: The night is silent, love, and here beside thee
Last Line: Ah, holy, holy moment of farewell!
Subject(s): Farewell; Grief; Love; Silence; Parting; Sorrow; Sadness

AT THE SHRINE    Poem Text    
First Line: Mary, humanity's woman, immaculate mother
Last Line: Is it thou, thou alone, that art pure, and never another?
Subject(s): Future Life; Humanity; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Mothers; Women In The Bible; Retribution; Eternity; After Life; Virgin Mary

BOUNTY    Poem Text    
First Line: A child and a rose
Last Line: Child, rose and white soul of his mother!
Subject(s): Children; Flowers; Friendship; Mothers; Roses; Childhood

First Line: Brown fellow, rusty fellow, better cease your wooing

CHILDWIST    Poem Text    
First Line: Rapt dreamer, what revealments dost thou see?
Last Line: Still silent cherish till the daylight dies!
Subject(s): Dreams; Wisdom; Youth; Nightmares

First Line: Last night I saw thee gliding to my bed
Last Line: "mother, and wife, and sister,—one in three!"
Subject(s): Comfort; Death - Mothers; Sleep; Women; Dead, The

DAY'S END IN DURHAM    Poem Text    
First Line: In the abbey at durham, / with its great stony silence
Last Line: I wondered, and woke.
Subject(s): Durham, England; Dusk; Prayer; Silence; Wisdom

DAYBREAK    Poem Text    
First Line: Sun! Sun! Sun! Sun!
Last Line: Sun! Sun! Sun!
Subject(s): Birds; Dawn; Nature - Religious Aspects; Sun; Sunrise

DELIA AND I    Poem Text    
First Line: Delia and I are driving alone
Last Line: Learning the roads that lead lovers to rome!
Subject(s): Animals; Horses; Lent; Love; Pleasure; Wagons

First Line: Did ever author pen a book
Last Line: That men might make a book of it.
Subject(s): Books; Creative Ability; God; Writing & Writers; Reading; Inspiration; Creativity

FACES    Poem Text    
First Line: There are two pictures hanging on my wall
Last Line: And mary maiden gray the mother of me!
Subject(s): Creative Ability; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Mothers; Religion; Women; Women In The Bible; Inspiration; Creativity; Virgin Mary; Theology

GOD'S EYES    Poem Text    
First Line: Father, what colour are god's eyes
Last Line: God's eyes change slow from shade to shade.
Subject(s): Eyes; Fathers & Daughters; God; Nature - Religious Aspects; Truth

HALT AND PARLEY    Poem Text    
First Line: Good toll-gate keeper, kindle a light!
Last Line: Poor clod—while you've parried and parleyed out there.
Subject(s): Death; Dead, The

HAMLET    Poem Text    
First Line: He would see all, this thinker! He would see
Last Line: Sink into nothing while he stares at fate.
Subject(s): Fate; Hate; Love; Shakespeare - Hamlet; Destiny

First Line: Because that thou art pale and cold and still
Last Line: His holiest honour in this faithful breast!
Subject(s): Knowledge; Love; Pain; Secrets; Winter; Suffering; Misery

First Line: Name of heaven! 'no woman, 'you say, 'may be
Last Line: But to test our own was madeleine's soul lent us from heaven an hour.
Subject(s): Courage; Death; Religion; United States - Colonial Period; Women; Valor; Bravery; Dead, The; Theology

First Line: The vessel is restlessly rushing over the waters
Last Line: And as they step upon the pier, lo the whiteness there!
Subject(s): Boats; Moon; Solitude; Travel; Loneliness; Journeys; Trips

LINES WRITTEN IN SURREY, 1917    Poem Text    
First Line: A sudden swirl of song in the bright sky
Last Line: Of english daisies dancing in english dells.
Subject(s): England; World War I - Great Britain; English

First Line: In vernal grove a poplar slim
Last Line: Perfection's perfected in thee!
Subject(s): Creative Ability; Love; Metaphor; Nature; Trees; Inspiration; Creativity; Similes

First Line: The green fields waver, break a space
Last Line: A phantom never seen!
Subject(s): Fields; Men; Railroads; Pastures; Meadows; Leas; Railways; Trains

First Line: The sky withdraws, the cutting narrows
Last Line: Plunges the train at set of sun.
Subject(s): Canyons; Evening; Men; Railroads; Sunset; Twilight; Railways; Trains

First Line: The land is silent, and the moon
Last Line: The heart's assumptions and its pain.
Subject(s): Hearts; Moon; Railroads; Silence; Travel; Railways; Trains; Journeys; Trips

First Line: He climbed no more, but turned at dusk of day

ON A FRIENDS DEATH    Poem Text    
First Line: We thought that death was hard and harsh, a doomer of dread power
Last Line: Ah no! His wings wave gently as the petals of a flower.
Subject(s): Death; Friendship; Immortality; Love; Nature; Dead, The

ON MY DOG'S DEATH    Poem Text    
First Line: My friend has gone
Last Line: I am learning to listen.
Subject(s): Animals; Death; Dogs; Faith; Friendship; Grief; Love; Dead, The; Belief; Creed; Sorrow; Sadness

OUTWARD BOUND    Poem Text    
First Line: Sailing, sailing, / over the waters and over the world
Last Line: Our eeriest fancies, strangest fears.
Subject(s): Adventure & Adventurers; Nature - Religious Aspects; Sailing & Sailors; Travel; Seamen; Sails; Journeys; Trips

First Line: The place, a tuscan churchyard, and the time
Last Line: And smile to hear the fatal words she saith!
Subject(s): Autumn; Cemeteries; Death; Messages & Messengers; Seasons; Tuscany, Italy; Fall; Graveyards; Dead, The

First Line: Her flowers? The martagon flame-lily glowing
Last Line: Shames into silence death's despairful creed.
Subject(s): Death; Flowers; Girls; Happiness; Heart's-ease (Flower); Lilies; Dead, The; Joy; Delight

QUO ABEO?    Poem Text    
First Line: The flood flows down, the sails are spreading
Last Line: Alone, alone!
Subject(s): Faith; God; Life; Sailing & Sailors; Solitude; Travel; Belief; Creed; Seamen; Sails; Loneliness; Journeys; Trips

RENUNCIATION    Poem Text    
First Line: I have lost you, my friend
Last Line: Me!
Subject(s): Friendship; Love - Loss Of; Man-woman Relationships; Male-female Relations

RUINS (YPRES, 1917)    Poem Text    
First Line: Ruins of trees whose woeful arms
Last Line: Clay crumbling slow to clay again.
Subject(s): World War I; Ypres, Belgium; First World War

SEA-SECRETS    Poem Text    
First Line: Little one, woman-one, whither are you sailing?
Last Line: Is my heart your haven, or his?
Subject(s): Fidelity; Love Affairs; Sailing & Sailors; Sea; Secrets; Faithfulness; Constancy; Seamen; Sails; Ocean

SECOND THOUGHTS    Poem Text    
First Line: Was it I who dreamed
Last Line: In the endless, love!
Subject(s): Doubt; Dreams; Faith; Love; Perseverance; Skepticism; Nightmares; Belief; Creed

SERENADE    Poem Text    
First Line: The leaves in the shadows
Last Line: The silence sing for me.
Subject(s): Love; Night; Silence; Bedtime

First Line: She is not dead: it shall not be

First Line: Mother, o mother, moon my mother
Last Line: Brighten us, lighten us, brother and brother!
Subject(s): Comfort; Evening; Moon; Mothers; Nature - Religious Aspects; Sunset; Twilight

First Line: Drenching the moors, and through the forest-glooms

TEMPEST-TOST    Poem Text    
First Line: In a flash the rain roars down
Last Line: There's a whispering promise-refrain.
Subject(s): Love; Prayer; Rain; Salvation; Storms

THE AERONAUT    Poem Text    
First Line: Paean, sing paean! / for I have made me wings
Last Line: "thy courier I!'?"
Subject(s): Flight; Love; Religion; Flying; Theology

First Line: Night! Night! / and of the dawn no promise. Wrong is right
Last Line: And dream of freedom that is not a name.
Subject(s): African Americans; Freedom; Pain; Slavery; United States - Race Relations; Negroes; American Blacks; Liberty; Suffering; Misery; Serfs

THE CHESS-PLAYER    Poem Text    
First Line: I played at chess with lasker, but to lose
Last Line: As I played lasker, so I challenge life!
Subject(s): Chess; Failure; Life; Strength

THE CHIEF WITNESS    Poem Text    
First Line: Her that hath hid a babe beneath her breast
Last Line: "through me the race aspires from man to man!"
Subject(s): Humanity; Jesus Christ; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Mothers; Sons; Women In The Bible; Virgin Mary

THE DREAM OF DREAMS    Poem Text    
First Line: However real it seem, / sleeping we or waking
Last Line: Life is a dream, a dream?
Subject(s): Dreams; Humanity; Life; Nightmares

THE EARTHQUAKE    Poem Text    
First Line: A rolling, grinding rumble: a sharp shudder
Last Line: Dust and darkness!
Subject(s): Disasters; Earthquakes; Fire

THE EYES OF THE EAST    Poem Text    
First Line: I sing the east at sunset, the low east
Last Line: With awe are holden and with strange surmise.
Subject(s): Evening; Mothers; Singing & Singers; Sun; Sunset; Twilight; Songs

THE FIREFLY    Poem Text    
First Line: While on my bed I lay, watching the night
Last Line: Compelling, and his radiant name is love.
Subject(s): Fireflies; Insomnia; Love; Memory; Glowworms; Sleeplessness

THE GOD OF THE GULLS    Poem Text    
First Line: O the god of the gulls goes straight and swift
Last Line: Over the secret sea.
Subject(s): Birds; God; Gulls; Nature - Religious Aspects; Travel; Seagulls; Journeys; Trips

THE HERETIC    Poem Text    
First Line: He gives to death world-prejudice. World-woe
Last Line: To seek a truce of heaven with heaven's god.
Subject(s): Faith; God; Heresy; Belief; Creed; Heretics

THE LAST DESIRE    Poem Text    
First Line: From dreamless nights to wake to mocking morrows
Last Line: How blest a thing to die, if this be dying!
Subject(s): Comfort; Insomnia; Sleep; Sleeplessness

THE LAST LULLABY    Poem Text    
First Line: The shepherd moon mothers her shining sheep
Last Line: Wait what it saith!
Subject(s): Comfort; Moon; Nature - Religious Aspects; Shepherds & Shepherdesses; Silence; Sleep

THE MASTER-WOOER    Poem Text    
First Line: I saw thy heart to-day
Last Line: The rock shall yield herself to him for aye.
Subject(s): Hearts; Man-woman Relationships; Perseverance; Stones; Male-female Relations; Granite; Rocks


THE MOTHER    Poem Text    
First Line: Hark, hark! / did you not hear a sound from out the dark
Last Line: Save me alone? The people there are dead!
Subject(s): Children; Comfort; Fear; Mothers; Childhood

THE NOVICE    Poem Text    
First Line: She had a lover in the world
Last Line: "o mary, thou'rt a woman, too!"
Subject(s): Man-woman Relationships; Marriage; Nuns; Pain; Prayer; Male-female Relations; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Suffering; Misery

First Line: The perfect comrade says nothing, nothing
Last Line: With twin stars, shining serenely.
Subject(s): Comfort; Marriage; Women; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

First Line: To green the grass

THE RETURN    Poem Text    
First Line: Helen softly stole to me just now
Last Line: Helen died a year ago to-day.
Subject(s): Death; Grief; Love; Man-woman Relationships; Presence; Dead, The; Sorrow; Sadness; Male-female Relations

First Line: Meekly, with folded hands and patient brows
Last Line: Meekly, with patient brows and folded hands.
Subject(s): Charity; Humanity; Nuns; Poverty; Philanthropy

THE TOUCH    Poem Text    
First Line: Age-old, age-silent, nature queen
Last Line: Wavers along the boughs.
Subject(s): Nature; Seasons; Spring; Touch (Sense)

First Line: O sweet to hear thy name on friendly tongue
Last Line: For thou art love, and loved, and lover all.
Subject(s): Faith; Love; Metamorphosis; Religion; Transfiguration; Belief; Creed; Theology

THE TWO FLOWERS    Poem Text    
First Line: Helen wore it in her hair
Last Line: No little flower so holy anywhere!
Subject(s): Death; Flowers; Love; Man-woman Relationships; Dead, The; Male-female Relations

First Line: Shyly expectant, gazing up at her
Last Line: "and comfort them, and hearken all their prayers!"
Subject(s): Notre Dame De Brebieres (Basilica); Prayer; World War I; First World War

THE WINE OF LOVE    Poem Text    
First Line: The wine of love, - a winged wine
Last Line: I quaff, and all the world is mine.
Subject(s): Drinks & Drinking; Love Affairs; Wine

TO A BUTTERFLY    Poem Text    
First Line: Butterfly
Last Line: While with thee I wander!
Subject(s): Butterflies; Insects; Nature - Religious Aspects; Wandering & Wanderers; Bugs; Wanderlust; Vagabonds; Tramps; Hoboes

First Line: Gossip of swains befooled by fairy charm
Last Line: Because they've walked together and with him.
Subject(s): Dramatists; Happiness; Humanity; Music & Musicians; Plays & Playwrights ; Poetry & Poets; Shakespeare, William (1564-1616); Teaching & Teachers; Joy; Delight; Dramatists; Educators; Professors

TO A FRIEND    Poem Text    
First Line: Through drenching deeps a ship is sailing
Last Line: Beckons and governs me!
Subject(s): Comfort; Friendship; Sailing & Sailors; Ships & Shipping; Seamen; Sails

TO A YOUNG GIRL    Poem Text    
First Line: Do not forget, / when you are old
Last Line: "once and for aye enshrined you as her lover."
Subject(s): Aging; Death; Honor; Love Affairs; Youth; Dead, The

TO AN UNNAMED LADY    Poem Text    
First Line: When there are others by, in vain I dream
Last Line: For here th' eternal mysteries abide!
Subject(s): Eyes; Love; Man-woman Relationships; Secrets; Male-female Relations

First Line: No 'book,' but your own heart, was written, borrow
Last Line: Knight of the ancient ruth and fearless fibre!
Subject(s): Borrow, George (1803-1881); Depression, Mental; Hope; Writing & Writers; Mentally Depressed; Mental Distress; Optimism

First Line: As some blithe schooner sailing on the breast
Last Line: The silent dark thereafter to inherit!
Subject(s): Fate; Marriage; Poetry & Poets; Sailing & Sailors; Shelley, Harriet Westbrook; Shelley, Percy Bysshe (1792-1822); Travel; Destiny; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Seamen; Sails; Journeys; Trips

TO JOHN KEATS    Poem Text    
First Line: Severn, I feel the flowers o'er me grow,'
Last Line: Greening above you in eternal spring.
Subject(s): Death; Dreams; Flowers; Funerals; Future Life; Keats, John (1795-1821); Poetry & Poets; Dead, The; Nightmares; Burials; Retribution; Eternity; After Life

TO LAURE    Poem Text    
First Line: Laure, when I look on thee
Last Line: And still its sovran art.
Subject(s): Love; Man-woman Relationships; Redemption; Salvation; Male-female Relations

First Line: I' faith, good hal, you have a saucy wit
Last Line: From storks to weeds and willows!
Subject(s): Creative Ability; Fielding, Henry (1707-1754); Honor; Passion; Inspiration; Creativity

TO MISS JANE AUSTEN    Poem Text    
First Line: Madam, I must express respectful wonder
Last Line: Our people are creations.
Subject(s): Austen, Jane (1775-1817); Critics & Criticism; Novels & Novelists; Writing & Writers

TO MY LORD VERULAM    Poem Text    
First Line: Of mankind meanest!' out upon the pen
Last Line: The way more sure appearing.
Subject(s): Honor; Morality; Poetry & Poets; Ethics

TO NIGHT    Poem Text    
First Line: Cooling, quieting night
Last Line: And be at one with the silent three that brood and move in the shadow of god!
Subject(s): Comfort; Death; God; Night; Parents; Dead, The; Bedtime; Parenthood

First Line: Did he, madonna, on thy bosom turning
Last Line: Girlish ophelia's love, and juliet's grave.
Subject(s): Creative Ability; Dramatists; Legacies; Mothers & Sons; Plays & Playwrights ; Poetry & Poets; Shakespeare, William (1564-1616); Women; Inspiration; Creativity; Dramatists

First Line: Chaucer, kind heart, who with the score and ten
Last Line: Your frank and winsome rhyme!
Subject(s): Chaucer, Geoffrey (1342-1400); Honor; Poetry & Poets; Wisdom

TRYST    Poem Text    
First Line: I thought to have made her my bride
Last Line: We leave to love.
Subject(s): Death; Future Life; Love; Marriage; Reunions; Dead, The; Retribution; Eternity; After Life; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

First Line: She never meant to leave me so

WAITING    Poem Text    
First Line: Again, a song! / would he be silent? Silence and doubt are wrong
Last Line: And in the cold night lies my life, under a beechen tree!
Subject(s): Happiness; Love; Singing & Singers; Waiting; Joy; Delight; Songs

First Line: O warm upleaping, swift flame-flowing


Fullerton, George Herbert   
1 poems available by this author

DISCLOSED    Poem Text    
First Line: Thrice have I seen the living soul disclosed
Last Line: Each held a beauteous soul which god had given.
Subject(s): Art & Artists; Nature; Soul

Gibson, G. H.    Poet's Biography
Alternate Author Name(s): Ironbark; Gibson, George Herbert
3 poems available by this author

JONES'S SELECTION    Poem Text    
First Line: You hear a lot of new-chum talk
Last Line: The land don't get on yous.
Subject(s): Death; Environment; Punishment; Dead, The; Environmental Protection; Ecology; Conservation

MY MATE BILL    Poem Text    
First Line: That's his saddle across the tie-beam, an' them's his spurs up there
Last Line: As'll make them toney seraphs sit back on their thrones an' stare!
Subject(s): Death; Heaven; Dead, The; Paradise

Herbert, George    Poet's Biography
174 poems available by this author

A DIALOGUE ANTHEM    Poem Text    
First Line: Alas, poor death, where is thy glory?
Last Line: Thou so much worse, that thou shalt be no more.
Subject(s): Faith; Belief; Creed

A PARODIE    Poem Text    
First Line: Soul's joy, when thou art gone
Last Line: Thou com'st, and dost relieve.
Variant Title(s): A Parody

First Line: My god, where is that ancient heat towards thee
Last Line: Then that which, one day, worms may chance refuse?
Variant Title(s): To His Mother; As A New Year's Gift From Cambridge;the Resolve

A TRUE HYMN [HYMNE]    Poem Text    
First Line: My joy, my life, my crown
Last Line: O, could I love! And stops; god writeth, loved.
Subject(s): Worship

A WREATH    Poem Text    
First Line: A wreathed garland of deserved praise
Last Line: For this poore wreath, give thee a crown of praise.
Subject(s): Simplicity

AARON    Poem Text    
First Line: Holiness on the head
Last Line: Come, people: aaron's drest.
Subject(s): Aaron

AFFLICTION (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: When first thou didst entice to thee my heart
Last Line: Let me not love thee, if I love thee not.

AFFLICTION (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: Kill me not ev'ry day
Last Line: By way of imprest, all my future mone.

AFFLICTION (3)    Poem Text    
First Line: My heart did heave, and there came forth, o god!
Last Line: Thou dying dayly, praise thee to thy losse.

AFFLICTION (4)    Poem Text    
First Line: Broken in pieces all asunder
Last Line: Till I reach heav'n, and much more thee.

AFFLICTION (5)    Poem Text    
First Line: My god, I read this day
Last Line: That thy bright beams may tame thy bow.

AN OFFERING    Poem Text    
First Line: Come, bring thy gift. If blessings were as slow
Last Line: And be my salvation.

First Line: How well her name an army doth present
Last Line: In whom the lord of hosts did pitch his tent!
Variant Title(s): Ana-{mary/Army}gram;ana {mary Army} Gram;ana (Mary Army) Gram
Subject(s): Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Women In The Bible; Virgin Mary

ANTIPHON (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Let all the world in ev'ry corner sing
Last Line: My god and king.

ANTIPHON (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: Praised be the god of love
Last Line: Who hath made of two folds one.

ARTILLERIE    Poem Text    
First Line: As I one evening sat before my cell
Last Line: "I am but finite, yet thine infinitely."
Variant Title(s): Artillery
Subject(s): Faith; Belief; Creed

ASSURANCE    Poem Text    
First Line: O spiteful bitter thought
Last Line: Now love and truth will end in man.

AVARICE    Poem Text    
First Line: Money, thou bane of bliss and source of woe
Last Line: And, while he digs out thee, falls in the ditch.
Subject(s): Greed; Avarice; Cupidity

BITTER-SWEET    Poem Text    
First Line: Ah, my dear angry lord
Last Line: I will lament and love.

BUSINESSE    Poem Text    
First Line: Canst be idle? Canst thou play
Last Line: Neither sinne nor saviour feels.
Variant Title(s): Business

CHARMS AND KNOTS    Poem Text    
First Line: Who reade a chapter when they rise
Last Line: But who drinks on, to hell may go.

CHURCH LOCK AND KEY    Poem Text    
First Line: I know it is my sin which locks thine ears
Last Line: His blouds sweet current much more loud to be.

First Line: While that my soul repairs to her devotion
Last Line: That thou mayst fit thyself against thy fall.
Subject(s): Consolation; Monuments

First Line: Brave rose, (alas!) where art thou? In the chair
Last Line: Which falls by night, and poure it out for you!

First Line: Sweetest of sweets, I thank you: when displeasure
Last Line: You know the way to heavens doore.
Subject(s): Music & Musicians

CLASPING OF HANDS    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, thou art mine, and I am thine
Last Line: Or rather make no thine and mine!

COMPLAINING    Poem Text    
First Line: Do not beguile my heart
Last Line: That I may climbe and finde relief.
Subject(s): Bible; Religion; Theology

CONFESSION    Poem Text    
First Line: O what a cunning guest
Last Line: They shall be thick and cloudie to my breast.

CONSCIENCE    Poem Text    
First Line: Peace prattler, do not lour [lowre]
Last Line: Is both my physick and my sword.
Subject(s): Conscience

CONSTANCY    Poem Text    
First Line: Who is the honest man?
Last Line: Who still is right, and prayes to be so still.

CONTENT    Poem Text    
First Line: Peace mutt'ring thoughts, and do not grudge to keep
Last Line: Hath ever found a happie fortune.

DEATH    Poem Text    
First Line: Death, thou wast once an uncouth hideous thing
Last Line: Making our pillows either down, or dust.
Subject(s): Death; Dead, The

DECAY    Poem Text    
First Line: Sweet were the dayes, when thou didst lodge with lot
Last Line: And, calling justice, all things burn.

DENIAL [OR, DENIALL]    Poem Text    
First Line: When my devotions could not pierce
Last Line: And men my rhyme.
Subject(s): Christianity; Worship

DIALOGUE    Poem Text    
First Line: Sweetest saviour, if my soul
Last Line: Man. Ah, no more! Thou break'st my heart!

DISCIPLINE    Poem Text    
First Line: Throw away thy rod
Last Line: Throw away thy wrath.
Subject(s): Discipline; Repentance; Penitence

DIVINITIE    Poem Text    
First Line: As men, for fear the starres should sleep and nod
Last Line: To heav'n alone both go and leade.
Variant Title(s): Divinity

DOOM'S DAY    Poem Text    
First Line: Come away / make no delay
Last Line: And the musick shall be praise.
Variant Title(s): Doomsday

DOTAGE    Poem Text    
First Line: False glozing pleasures, casks of happinesse
Last Line: Then miseries are here!

DULLNESS    Poem Text    
First Line: Why do I languish thus, drooping and dull
Last Line: What angel fit?
Subject(s): Consolation

EASTER    Poem Text    
First Line: Rise heart; thy lord is risen. Sing his praise
Last Line: There is but one, and that one ever.

EASTER    Poem Text    
First Line: Rise heart; thy lord is risen. Sing his praise
Last Line: There is but one, and that one ever.

EASTER WINGS    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, who createdst man in wealth and store
Last Line: Affliction shall advance the flight in me.
Subject(s): Bible; Christianity; Easter; God; Holidays; Religion; Wings; The Resurrection; Theology

EMPLOYMENT (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: If as a flower doth spread and die
Last Line: To my poore reed.

EMPLOYMENT (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: He that is weary, let him sit
Last Line: Until the grave increase our cold.

EVENSONG (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Blest be the god of love
Last Line: And in this love, more than in bed, I rest.
Variant Title(s): Evensong

FAITH    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, how couldst thou so much appease
Last Line: Reserving all for flesh again.
Subject(s): Faith; Belief; Creed

FRAILTY    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, in my silence how I do despise
Last Line: Planted in me.

GIDDINESSE    Poem Text    
First Line: Oh, what a thing is man! How farre from power
Last Line: Our own salvation.
Variant Title(s): Giddiness

GOOD FRIDAY    Poem Text    
First Line: O my chief good
Last Line: And all the writings blot or burn.
Subject(s): Good Friday; Holidays; Holy Week

GRACE    Poem Text    
First Line: My stock lies dead, and no increase
Last Line: Drop from above.
Subject(s): Bible; Religion; Theology

GRIEF    Poem Text    
First Line: O who will give me tears? Come all ye springs
Last Line: Alas, my god!
Subject(s): Grief; Sorrow; Sadness

First Line: And art thou grieved, sweet and sacred dove
Last Line: My want of tears with store of bloud.
Variant Title(s): Ephes. 4. 30. Grieve Not The Holy Spirit, Etc.
Subject(s): Repentance; Penitence

H. BAPTISME (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: As he that sees a dark and shadie grove
Last Line: Your first acquaintance might discredit all.
Variant Title(s): Holy Baptism (1)

H. BAPTISME (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: Since, lord, to thee
Last Line: Childhood is health.
Variant Title(s): Holy Baptisme;holy Baptism (2)
Subject(s): Bible; Religion; Theology

HEAVEN    Poem Text    
First Line: O who will show me those delights on high?
Last Line: Echo. Ever.
Subject(s): Heaven; Paradise

HOLY CHRISTMAS    Poem Text    
First Line: All after pleasures as I rid one day
Last Line: Till ev'n his beams sing, and my music shine.
Variant Title(s): Christmas
Subject(s): Christmas; Nativity, The

HOME    Poem Text    
First Line: Come, lord, my head doth burn, my heart is sick
Last Line: Or take me up to thee!
Subject(s): Heaven; Paradise

HOPE    Poem Text    
First Line: I gave to hope a watch of mine: but he
Last Line: I did expect a ring.
Subject(s): Bible; Hope; Religion; Optimism; Theology

HUMILITIE    Poem Text    
First Line: I saw the vertues sitting hand in hand
Last Line: At the next session-day.
Variant Title(s): Humility

JESU    Poem Text    
First Line: Jesu is in my heart, his sacred name
Last Line: And to my whole is jesu.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ; Religion; Theology

JORDAN (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Who says that fictions only and false hair
Last Line: Who plainly say, my god, my king.
Subject(s): Jordan River; Truth; Worship

JORDAN (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: When first my lines of heavenly joys made mention
Last Line: Copie out onely that, and save expense.
Subject(s): Jordan River

JOSEPH'S COAT    Poem Text    
First Line: Wounded I sing, tormented I indite
Last Line: My joyes to weep, and now my griefs to sing.
Subject(s): Bible; Religion; Theology

JUDGEMENT    Poem Text    
First Line: Almighty judge, how shall poor wretches brook
Last Line: There thou shalt finde my faults are thine.
Subject(s): Judges; Judgment Day; End Of The World; Doomsday; Fall Of Man

JUSTICE (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: I cannot skill of these thy ways
Last Line: I cannot skill of these my ways.

JUSTICE (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: O dreadfull justice, what a fright and terrour
Last Line: Against me there is none, but for me much.
Subject(s): Justice

L'ENVOY (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: King of glory, king of peace
Last Line: Thrice blessed three in one.

LENT    Poem Text    
First Line: Welcome deare feast of lent: who loves not thee
Last Line: And among those his soul.
Subject(s): Lent

LIFE [AND THE FLOWERS]    Poem Text    
First Line: I made a posie [posy], while the day ran by
Last Line: It be as short as yours.
Variant Title(s): Life
Subject(s): Life; Posies

LONGING    Poem Text    
First Line: With sick and famished eyes
Last Line: Which dyes.

LOVE (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Immortal love, author of this great frame
Last Line: Doth warm our hands, and make them write of love.

LOVE (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: Immortal heat, o let thy greater flame
Last Line: And praise him who did make and mend our eies.

LOVE (3)    Poem Text    
First Line: Love bade me welcome: yet my soul drew back
Last Line: So I did sit and eat.
Variant Title(s): A Dialogue Between God And The Soul
Subject(s): Bible; Christianity; Eucharist; Faith; Forgiveness; Grace; Jesus Christ; Love; Love - Marital; Religion; Sin; Communion; Belief; Creed; Clemency; Wedded Love; Marriage - Love; Theology

LOVE UNKNOWN    Poem Text    
First Line: Dear friend, sit down, the tale is long and sad
Last Line: Who fain would have you be new, tender, quick.

LOVE-JOY    Poem Text    
First Line: As on a window late I cast mine eye
Last Line: The man reply'd; it figures jesus christ.

MAN    Poem Text    
First Line: My god, I heard this day
Last Line: And both thy servants be.
Subject(s): Mankind; Human Race

MAN'S MEDLEY    Poem Text    
First Line: Hark, how the birds do sing
Last Line: To turn his double pains to double praise.

MARY MAGDALENE    Poem Text    
First Line: When blessed marie wip'd her saviours feet
Last Line: And yet, in washing one, she washed both.
Variant Title(s): Marie Magdalene
Subject(s): Mary Magdalen; Women In The Bible; Mary Magdalene

MATINS    Poem Text    
First Line: I cannot ope mine eyes
Last Line: Then by a sunne-beam I will climb to thee.
Variant Title(s): Mattens

MISERY [MISERIE]    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, let the angels praise thy name
Last Line: My god, I mean myself.

MORTIFICATION    Poem Text    
First Line: How soon doth man decay!
Last Line: That all these dyings may be life in death.

NATURE    Poem Text    
First Line: Full of rebellion, I would die
Last Line: To hide my dust then thee to hold.

OBEDIENCE    Poem Text    
First Line: My god, if writings may
Last Line: Entred for both, farre above their desert!

First Line: Sacred marble, safely keep
Last Line: Another monument to thee.

First Line: My words and thoughts do both expressse this notion
Last Line: To gain at harvest an eternal treasure.
Variant Title(s): Coloss. 3. 3. Our Life Is Hide With Christ In God

OUR PRAYER    Poem Text    
First Line: Thou that hast given so much to me
Last Line: Thy praise.
Variant Title(s): Gratefulness;a Heart To Praise Thee
Subject(s): Gratitude; Prayer; Religion; Theology

PARADISE    Poem Text    
First Line: I bless thee, lord, because I grow
Last Line: And such beginnings touch their end.

PEACE    Poem Text    
First Line: Sweet peace, where dost thou dwell? I humbly crave
Last Line: "is only there."
Subject(s): Faith; Jerusalem; Worship; Belief; Creed

PRAISE (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: To write a verse or two is all the praise
Last Line: And much, much more.
Subject(s): Prayer

PRAISE (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: King of glory, king of peace
Last Line: To extoll thee.
Variant Title(s): L'envoy

PRAISE (3)    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, I will mean and speak thy praise
Last Line: Both all my praise, and more!
Subject(s): Worship

PRAYER (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Prayer, the church's banquet, angels' age
Last Line: The land of spices, something understood.
Subject(s): Christianity; Prayer; Religion; Theology

PRAYER (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: Of what an easie quick accesse
Last Line: And quickly gain, for each inch lost, an ell.

PROVIDENCE    Poem Text    
First Line: O sacred providence, who from end to end
Last Line: Extolleth many wayes, yet this one more.

REDEMPTION    Poem Text    
First Line: Having been tenant long to a rich lord
Last Line: Who straight, your suit is granted, said, and died.
Subject(s): Christianity; Faith; Jesus Christ; Redemption; Belief; Creed

REPENTANCE    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, I confesse my sinne is great
Last Line: Fractures well cur'd make us more strong.
Subject(s): Repentance; Penitence



First Line: Thou who condemnest jewish hate
Last Line: Without excuse or cloak.
Subject(s): Hate; Jews; Judaism

SEPULCHRE    Poem Text    
First Line: O blessed bodie! Whither art thou thrown
Last Line: Withhold thee.

SIGHS AND GROANS    Poem Text    
First Line: O do not use me
Last Line: My god, relieve me!

SIN (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, with what care hast thou begirt us round!
Last Line: One cunning bosom-sin blows quite away.
Variant Title(s): Life's Lessons;bosom Sin
Subject(s): Sin

SIN (12)    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, with what glorie wast thou served of old
Last Line: The note is sad, yet musick for a king.
Variant Title(s): Sion
Subject(s): Bible; Religion; Theology

SIN (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: O that I could a sin once see!
Last Line: So devils are our sinnes in perspective.
Variant Title(s): Sin
Subject(s): Sin

SIN'S ROUND    Poem Text    
First Line: Sorry I am, my god, sorry I am
Last Line: Sorrie I am, my god; sorrie I am.
Subject(s): Sin

SONNET    Poem Text    
First Line: Sure, lord, there is enough in thee to dry
Last Line: The beauty lies in the discoverie.
Variant Title(s): Two Sonnets Sent To His Mother, New-year 1609/10;sonnets

SUBMISSION    Poem Text    
First Line: But that thou art my wisdome, lord
Last Line: Since thou hast both mine eyes.
Subject(s): Worship

SUNDAY    Poem Text    
First Line: O day most calm, most bright
Last Line: Flie hand in hand to heav'n!
Subject(s): Sabbath; Worship; Sunday

THE AGONY [AGONIE]    Poem Text    
First Line: Philosophers have measur'd mountains
Last Line: Which my god feels as bloud, but I as wine.
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

THE ALTAR    Poem Text    
First Line: A broken altar, lord, thy servant reares
Last Line: And sanctifie this altar to be thine.
Subject(s): Altars; Doubt; Immortality; Skepticism

THE ANSWER    Poem Text    
First Line: My comforts drop and melt away like snow
Last Line: Which they that know the rest, know more then I.

THE BAG    Poem Text    
First Line: Away despair! My gracious lord doth heare
Last Line: Anything to me. Heark, despair, away!

THE BANQUET    Poem Text    
First Line: Welcome sweet and sacred cheer
Last Line: Strive in this, and love the strife.

First Line: I joy, deare mother, when I view
Last Line: And none but thee.
Subject(s): Anglican Church

THE BUNCH OF GRAPES    Poem Text    
First Line: Joy, I did lock thee up: but some bad man
Last Line: Ev'n god himself being pressed for my sake.
Subject(s): Bible; Religion; Theology

THE CALL    Poem Text    
First Line: Come, my way, my truth, my life
Last Line: Such a heart as joys in love.
Subject(s): Faith; Love; Religion; Belief; Creed; Theology

THE CHURCH FLOORE    Poem Text    
First Line: Mark you the floore? That square & speckled stone
Last Line: Could build so strong in a weak heart.
Variant Title(s): The Church-floor
Subject(s): Churches; Cathedrals

First Line: Almightie lord, who from thy glorious throne
Last Line: Who may with thee compare?

First Line: Lord, how can man preach thy eternal word?
Last Line: And in the ear, not conscience, ring.
Variant Title(s): The Windows
Subject(s): Churches; Worship; Cathedrals

THE CHURCH-PORCH    Poem Text    
First Line: Thou, whose sweet youth and early hopes inhance
Last Line: If well, the pain doth fade, the joy remains.
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

First Line: Thou, whom the former precepts have
Last Line: May at his perill further go.

THE COLLAR    Poem Text    
First Line: I struck the board and cried, no more
Last Line: And I replied, my lord.
Subject(s): Anger; Christianity; Despair; Faith; God; Revolutions; Belief; Creed

THE CROSSE    Poem Text    
First Line: What is this strange and uncouth thing?
Last Line: With but foure words, my words, thy will be done.
Variant Title(s): The Cross
Subject(s): Cross, The; Repentance; Penitence

THE DAWNING    Poem Text    
First Line: Awake sad heart, whom sorrow ever drowns
Last Line: Draws tears or bloud, not want an handkerchief.

First Line: Lord, my first fruits present themselves to thee
Last Line: Theirs, who shall hurt themselves or me, refrain.

THE DISCHARGE    Poem Text    
First Line: Busy enquiring heart, what wouldst thou know
Last Line: My god hath promis'd; he is just.

THE ELIXIR    Poem Text    
First Line: Teach me, my god and king
Last Line: Cannot for less be told.
Subject(s): Alchemy & Alchemists; God; Prayer

THE FAMILIE    Poem Text    
First Line: What doth this noise of thoughts within my heart
Last Line: But not to make a constant stay.
Variant Title(s): The Family

THE FLOWER    Poem Text    
First Line: How fresh, o lord, how sweet and clean
Last Line: Forfeit their paradise by their pride.
Variant Title(s): Revival
Subject(s): Consolation; Flowers

THE FOIL    Poem Text    
First Line: If we could see below
Last Line: As if grief were not foul, nor vertue winning.

THE FORERUNNERS    Poem Text    
First Line: The harbingers are come. See, see their mark
Last Line: So all within be livelier than before.
Subject(s): Aging

THE GLANCE    Poem Text    
First Line: When first thy sweet and gracious eye
Last Line: In heav'n above.

THE GLIMPSE    Poem Text    
First Line: Whither away delight?
Last Line: Who by thy coming may be made a court!

THE HOLDFAST    Poem Text    
First Line: I threatened to observe the strict decree
Last Line: Christ keepeth now, who cannot fail or fall.

First Line: Not in rich furniture, or fine array
Last Line: And leave th' earth to their food.

THE HOLY SCRIPTURES (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Oh book! Infinite sweetness! Let my heart
Last Line: Subject to ev'ry mounters bended knee.
Variant Title(s): The H. Scriptures (I)
Subject(s): Bible; Religion; Theology

THE HOLY SCRIPTURES (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: Oh that I knew how all thy lights combine
Last Line: This book of starres lights to eternall blisse.
Variant Title(s): The H.scriptures (Ii)

THE INVITATION    Poem Text    
First Line: Come ye hither all, whose taste
Last Line: Where is all, there all should be.
Subject(s): Bible; Consolation; Religion; Theology

THE JEWS    Poem Text    
First Line: Poor nation, whose sweet sap and juice
Last Line: That your sweet sap might come again!
Subject(s): Jews; Judaism

THE METHOD    Poem Text    
First Line: Poor heart, lament
Last Line: Glad heart, rejoyce.

THE ODOR    Poem Text    
First Line: How sweetly doth my master sound! My master!
Last Line: Should all my life employ, and busie me.

THE PEARL    Poem Text    
First Line: I know the ways of learning; both the head
Last Line: To climb to thee.
Variant Title(s): The Pearl. Matth. 13. 45
Subject(s): Bible; Religion; Theology

THE PILGRIMAGE    Poem Text    
First Line: I travelled on, seeing the hill, where lay
Last Line: And but a chair.

THE POSIE    Poem Text    
First Line: Let wits contest
Last Line: Of all gods mercies, is my posie still.
Variant Title(s): The Posy

THE PRIESTHOOD    Poem Text    
First Line: Blest order, which in power doth so excell
Last Line: What pride by opposition.
Subject(s): Clergy; Priests; Rabbis; Ministers; Bishops

THE PULLEY    Poem Text    
First Line: When god at first made man
Last Line: May toss him to my breast.
Variant Title(s): The Gifts Of God;rest
Subject(s): Bible; Creation; God; Mankind; Melancholy; Redemption; Religion; Human Race; Dejection; Theology

THE QUIDDITY    Poem Text    
First Line: My god, a verse is not a crown
Last Line: I am with thee, and most take all.
Variant Title(s): The Quiddittie

THE QUIP    Poem Text    
First Line: The merry world did on a day
Last Line: And then they have their answer home.

THE ROSE    Poem Text    
First Line: Press me not to take more pleasure
Last Line: For my answer is a rose.
Subject(s): Flowers; Roses

THE SACRIFICE    Poem Text    
First Line: Oh all ye, who passe by, whose eyes and minde
Last Line: Never was grief like mine?

THE SEARCH    Poem Text    
First Line: Whither, o, whither art thou fled
Last Line: Making two one.

First Line: I have considered it, and finde / there is no dealing with thy mighty passion
Last Line: The man who once against thee fought.
Variant Title(s): The Reprisal
Subject(s): Repentance; Penitence

THE SINNER    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, how I am all ague, when I seek
Last Line: Remember that thou once didst write in stone.

THE SIZE    Poem Text    
First Line: Content thee, greedie heart
Last Line: These seas are tears, and heav'n the haven.
Subject(s): Greed; Avarice; Cupidity

THE SONNE    Poem Text    
First Line: Let foreign nations of their language boast
Last Line: We him in glorie call, the sonne of man.
Variant Title(s): The Son
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

THE STARRE    Poem Text    
First Line: Bright spark, shot from a brighter place
Last Line: And garland-streams.
Variant Title(s): The Star

THE STORM    Poem Text    
First Line: If as the windes and waters here below
Last Line: They purge the aire without, within the breast.
Subject(s): Repentance; Storms; Penitence

THE TEMPER (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: How should I praise thee, lord! How should my rhymes
Last Line: Make one place everywhere.
Subject(s): Worship

THE TEMPER (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: It cannot be. Where is that mightie joy
Last Line: But keep a standing majestie in me.

First Line: Oh king of grief! (a title strange, yet true, / to thee of all kings onely due)
Last Line: Alas, my god! I know not what.

THE WATERCOURSE    Poem Text    
First Line: Thou who dost dwell and linger here below
Last Line: Who gives to man, as he sees fit, [salvation. Damnation.]

THE WORLD    Poem Text    
First Line: Love built a stately house; where fortune came
Last Line: And built a braver palace then before.
Subject(s): Earth; Faith; Jesus Christ; Redemption; World; Belief; Creed

TIME    Poem Text    
First Line: Meeting with time, slack thing, said I
Last Line: He doth not crave lesse time, but more.
Subject(s): Time

First Line: Oh glorious spirits, who after all your bands
Last Line: If any one our masters hand can show.

TO MY SUCCESSOR    Poem Text    
First Line: If thou chance for to find
Last Line: And then my labours not lost.

TRINITIE SUNDAY    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, who hast formed me out of mud
Last Line: That I may runne, rise, rest, with thee.
Variant Title(s): Trinity Sunday

TRINITY SUNDAY    Poem Text    
First Line: He that is one
Last Line: Has all.

First Line: Lord, with what bountie and rare clemencie
Last Line: Defrauding thee, who gavest two for one.
Subject(s): Ingratitude; Ungratefulness

UNKINDNESSE    Poem Text    
First Line: Lord, make me coy and tender to offend
Last Line: Yet use not I my foes as I use thee.
Variant Title(s): Unkindness

VANITY [OR, VANITIE] (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: The fleet astronomer can bore
Last Line: To find our death, but missest life at hand.

VANITY [OR, VANITIE] (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: Poore silly soul, whose hope and head lies low
Last Line: Is but a bubble, and makes thee a boy.

VIRTUE [OR, VERTUE]    Poem Text    
First Line: Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright
Last Line: Then chiefly lives.
Variant Title(s): Memento Mori;sweet Day;virtue [immortal];sweet Life
Subject(s): Death; Immortality; Judgment Day; Mortality; Soul; Transience; Virtue; Dead, The; End Of The World; Doomsday; Fall Of Man; Impermanence

WHITSUNDAY    Poem Text    
First Line: Listen sweet dove unto my song
Last Line: Unto his ancient and miraculous right.

Nelson, George Herbert   
4 poems available by this author

AD ASTRA    Poem Text    
First Line: One soul I loved
Last Line: Denied in this!
Subject(s): Love

ALAN, DIVING    Poem Text    
First Line: Naked, exultant, and glistening in the sun
Last Line: Live deathless in the heart of this fair boy!
Subject(s): Diving & Divers

CITY SCENE: CHICAGO    Poem Text    
First Line: Today in a dull gray afternoon
Last Line: Were like a shower of polka dots.
Subject(s): Chicago

GORGEOUS DEATH    Poem Text    
First Line: The path along the river's side
Last Line: Was dying in a flash of glory.
Subject(s): Autumn; Seasons; Fall