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Author: hodgson, ralph
Matches Found: 12

Hodgson, Ralph    Poet's Biography
12 poems available by this author

A WOOD SONG    Poem Text    
First Line: Now one and all, you roses
Last Line: No less than labouring seas.
Subject(s): Idleness; Morning; Laziness; Sloth; Indolence

BABYLON    Poem Text    
First Line: If you could bring her glories back!
Last Line: Will take her to itself again.
Subject(s): Death; Heaven; Dead, The; Paradise

EVE    Poem Text    
First Line: Eve, with her basket, was
Last Line: "eva!"" again."
Subject(s): Adam & Eve; Bible; Religion; Eve; Theology

First Line: I saw with open eyes
Subject(s): Animals; Freedom; Liberty

THE BELLS OF HEAVEN    Poem Text    
First Line: Twould ring the bells of heaven
Last Line: And little hunted hares.
Subject(s): Animals; Social Protest

THE BIRDCATCHER    Poem Text    
First Line: When flighting time is on, I go
Last Line: They fly into my head.
Subject(s): Birds

THE BULL    Poem Text    
First Line: See an old unhappy bull
Subject(s): Bulls

THE GYPSY GIRL    Poem Text    
First Line: Come, try your skill, kind gentlemen
Last Line: The darkness of her eyes!
Variant Title(s): The Gipsy Girl
Subject(s): Gypsies; Gipsies

THE MYSTERY    Poem Text    
First Line: He came and took me by the hand
Last Line: And his own face to see.
Subject(s): God

THE SEDGE WARBLER    Poem Text    
First Line: In early summer moonlight I have strayed
Last Line: Till broke the babel of the summer day.
Subject(s): Birds

TIME, YOU OLD GIPSY MAN    Poem Text