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Author: traherne, thomas
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Traherne, Thomas    Poet's Biography
90 poems available by this author


ADAM    Poem Text    
First Line: God made man upright at the first
Last Line: The earth being in the middle found.
Subject(s): Adam & Eve; Bible

ADMIRATION    Poem Text    
First Line: Can human shape so taking be
Last Line: Is thus admired like a deity!
Subject(s): Admiration; Bodies

AMENDMENT: 1    Poem Text    
First Line: That all things should be mine
Last Line: To which this work so wonderfull doth tend.

AMENDMENT: 2    Poem Text    
First Line: That we should make the skies
Last Line: Wherein thy wisdom mightily doth lurk.

AMENDMENT: 3    Poem Text    
First Line: Thy greatness and thy love
Last Line: And such an end in such a sort attain.

AMENDMENT: 4    Poem Text    
First Line: What bound may we assign
Last Line: Of all that creatures' wit can comprehend.

AMENDMENT: 5    Poem Text    
First Line: Am I a glorious spring
Last Line: Even like the sun, and be far more divine?

AMENDMENT: 6    Poem Text    
First Line: Thy soul, o god, doth prize
Last Line: Than as to us, from thee at first they came.

AMENDMENT: 7    Poem Text    
First Line: O how doth sacred love
Last Line: He made our souls to make his creatures higher.

AN INFANT-EYE    Poem Text    
First Line: A simple light from all contagion free
Last Line: Inviting yet, and waiting thy command.
Subject(s): Innocence; Vision

ANOTHER    Poem Text    
First Line: He seeks for ours as we do seek for his
Last Line: Causing its being and its measure.
Subject(s): God; Love

BELLS    Poem Text    
First Line: Hark! Hark, my soul! The bells do ring
Last Line: Would yield or feel, or any excellence.
Subject(s): Bells; Public Worship; Church Attendance

BLISS    Poem Text    
First Line: All bliss / consists in this
Last Line: With greedier eyes, more boys tho men.
Subject(s): Happiness; Worship; Joy; Delight

CHRISTENDOM    Poem Text    
First Line: When first mine infant-ear
Last Line: Make up the king of glory's diadem.
Subject(s): Christianity; Imagination; Fancy

First Line: As in a clock, 'tis hinder'd-force doth bring
Last Line: In its relation deep and exquisite.
Subject(s): Order

First Line: Contentment is a sleepy thing
Last Line: Stretch'd out to all things, and with all content!
Subject(s): Contentment

First Line: All music, sauces, feasts, delights and pleasures
Last Line: In temperance their sacred beauty find.
Subject(s): Temperance; Prohibition

First Line: Mankind is sick, the world distemper'd lies
Last Line: How sweet a grace, how infinite!
Subject(s): Sin

CHURCHES    Poem Text    
First Line: Those stately structures which on earth I view
Last Line: Unto his temple, 'cause 'tis nearer home.
Subject(s): Churches; Cathedrals

CONSUMMATION    Poem Text    
First Line: The thoughts of men appear
Last Line: We all in their true nature find.
Subject(s): Soul

DESIRE    Poem Text    
First Line: For giving me desire
Last Line: As light in flame, and heat in fire.
Subject(s): Desire; Love

First Line: In clothes confin'd, my weary mind
Last Line: Until the bible me supplied.
Subject(s): Discontent; Dissatisfaction

DREAMS    Poem Text    
First Line: Tis strange! I saw the skies
Last Line: From whence all joy, from whence all sorrow springs.
Subject(s): Dreams; Memory; Nightmares

DUMBNESS    Poem Text    
First Line: Sure man was born to meditate on things
Last Line: And penetrate the heart, if not the ear.
Subject(s): Babies; Freedom; Language; Infants; Liberty; Words; Vocabulary

EASE    Poem Text    
First Line: How easily doth nature teach the soul
Last Line: That everyone might reign like god alone.
Subject(s): Nature

EDEN    Poem Text    
First Line: A learned and a happy ignorance
Last Line: The glorious wonders of the deity.
Subject(s): Bible; God; Religion; Simplicity; Theology

FELICITY    Poem Text    
First Line: Prompted to seek my bliss above the skies
Last Line: All interludes.
Subject(s): God

FULLNESS    Poem Text    
First Line: That light, that sight, that thought
Last Line: An oracle of his eternal love.
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

GOODNESS    Poem Text    
First Line: The bliss of other men is my delight
Last Line: The highest joys his goodness did prepare.
Subject(s): Happiness; Joy; Delight

HOSANNA    Poem Text    
First Line: No more shall walls, no more shall walls confine
Last Line: His name, and when they do't be most my joys.
Subject(s): Heaven; Paradise


INNOCENCE    Poem Text    
First Line: But that which most I wonder at, which most
Last Line: I must become a child again.
Subject(s): Bible; Innocence; Religion; Theology

First Line: No walls confine! Can nothing hold my mind
Last Line: One infinite.
Subject(s): Greed; Soul; Avarice; Cupidity

LOVE    Poem Text    
First Line: O nectar! O delicious stream
Last Line: His son, bride, glory, temple, end.
Subject(s): God; Love

First Line: Men are not wise in their true interest
Last Line: Yet lies within my womb.

MY SPIRIT    Poem Text    
First Line: My naked simple life was I
Last Line: Exalted there they ought to shine.
Subject(s): Metaphysics

NATURE    Poem Text    
First Line: That custom is a second nature, we
Last Line: While how the same is so I comprehend.
Subject(s): Beauty; Children; Nature; Childhood

ON CHRISTMAS-DAY    Poem Text    
First Line: Shall dumpish melancholy spoil my joys
Last Line: The minster rings.
Subject(s): Christmas; Nativity, The

First Line: I saw new worlds beneath the water lie
Last Line: As o'er our heads, a place of bliss.
Subject(s): Earth; Icarus; Moon; Mythology - Classical; World

ON NEWS    Poem Text    
First Line: News from a foreign country came
Last Line: A small and little thing!
Variant Title(s): News
Subject(s): Innocence

First Line: In making bodies love could not express
Last Line: God made man greater while he made him less.
Subject(s): Creation; God; Soul

POVERTY    Poem Text    
First Line: As in the house I sate
Last Line: But now I have a deity.
Subject(s): Poverty

First Line: Give but to things their true esteem
Last Line: Wisdom and wealth couch'd in simplicity.
Subject(s): Simplicity

RISE, NOBLE SOUL    Poem Text    
First Line: Rise, noble soul, and come away
Last Line: We'll fold and mingle all the way.
Subject(s): Love

First Line: In unexperienced infancy
Last Line: Is broken, be admitted in.
Subject(s): Children; Imagination; Mirrors; Childhood; Fancy

SIGHT    Poem Text    
First Line: Mine infant-eye
Last Line: So that no light in heaven more clearly shines.
Subject(s): Soul; Vision

SILENCE    Poem Text    
First Line: A quiet silent person may possess
Last Line: Like god himself, and heaven and earth was there.
Subject(s): Silence

SIN    Poem Text    
First Line: Sin! / o only fatal woe!
Last Line: Within!
Subject(s): Sin

SOLITUDE    Poem Text    
First Line: How desolate
Last Line: Shall I thee find to ease my mind! O where!
Subject(s): Solitude; Loneliness

SPEED    Poem Text    
First Line: The liquid pearl in springs
Last Line: These were the offspring of the deity.
Subject(s): Growth

First Line: My contemplation dazzles in the end
Last Line: That while we all, we him might comprehend.
Subject(s): God

THE APOSTASY    Poem Text    
First Line: One star / is better far
Last Line: I lost: my joy turn'd to a blaze.
Variant Title(s): The Apostacy
Subject(s): Innocence

First Line: If this I did not every moment see
Last Line: Was all my whole felicity.

THE APPROACH    Poem Text    
First Line: That childish thoughts such joys inspire
Last Line: Instructed then even by the deity.
Subject(s): God

First Line: The naked truth in many faces shown
Last Line: But god's diviner works do ne'er admire.

THE BIBLE    Poem Text    
First Line: That! That! There I was told
Last Line: And shall be sated with celestial mirth.
Subject(s): Bible

THE CIRCULATION    Poem Text    
First Line: As fair ideas from the sky
Last Line: And all it doth receive returns again.
Subject(s): Imagination; Soul; Fancy

THE CITY    Poem Text    
First Line: What structures here among god's works appear
Last Line: More wealth provided, and more high.
Subject(s): Cities; Urban Life

First Line: The highest things are easiest to be shown
Last Line: To whom in them himself, and all things tend.
Subject(s): God; Truth

THE DESIGN    Poem Text    
First Line: When first eternity stoop'd down to nought
Last Line: Even in that way that is the best.
Variant Title(s): The Choice
Subject(s): Time; Truth

THE DIALOGUE    Poem Text    
First Line: Why dost thou tell me that the fields are mine
Last Line: Mean thee alone (my friend) in every deed.
Subject(s): Mankind; Nature; Sun; Human Race

THE ESTATE    Poem Text    
First Line: But shall my soul no wealth possess
Last Line: His ancient ways, are his, and my estate.
Subject(s): Soul

THE EVIDENCE    Poem Text    
First Line: His word confirms the sale
Last Line: Which made them all, and made them to be mine.

THE IMAGE    Poem Text    
First Line: If I be like my god, my king
Last Line: Like me to lie.
Subject(s): Creation; Mankind; Human Race

THE IMPROVEMENT    Poem Text    
First Line: Tis more to recollect, than make. The one
Last Line: But, by their efficacy, all mine own.
Subject(s): God; Mankind; Human Race

THE INFERENCE: 1    Poem Text    
First Line: Well-guided thoughts within possess
Last Line: I may possess of his eternal treasure.
Subject(s): Details; Thought; Things; Thinking

THE INFERENCE: 2    Poem Text    
First Line: David a temple in his mind conceiv'd
Last Line: Expects from us, our sacrifice to be.
Subject(s): David (D. 962 B.c.)

THE INQUIRY    Poem Text    
First Line: Men may delighted be with springs
Last Line: And that his godhead in his works doth shine.
Subject(s): Angels

THE INSTRUCTION    Poem Text    
First Line: Spew out thy filth, thy flesh abjure
Last Line: In which all men at once conspire.
Subject(s): Innocence

THE ODOUR    Poem Text    
First Line: These hands are jewels to the eye
Last Line: If I the use of each don't apprehend.
Subject(s): Smells; Odors; Aromas; Fragrances

THE PERSON    Poem Text    
First Line: Ye sacred limbs
Last Line: Shall themes become, and organs of thy praise.
Subject(s): Bodies

First Line: My body being dead, my limbs unknown
Last Line: Get free, and so thou shalt even all admire.
Subject(s): Soul

THE RAPTURE (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Sweet infancy
Last Line: Did make the same? What hand divine!
Subject(s): Self

THE RECOVERY (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: To see us but receive, is such a sight
Last Line: And is above all these as far as love.
Subject(s): God

THE RECOVERY (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: Sin! Wilt thou vanquish me!
Last Line: Shall thee destroy; heal, feed, make me divine.
Subject(s): Sin

THE RETURN    Poem Text    
First Line: To infancy, o lord, again I come
Last Line: My sweet companions all the year.
Subject(s): Vision

THE REVIEW    Poem Text    
First Line: Did I grow, or did I stay
Last Line: Shall still revive, and flourish in the dust.
Subject(s): Children; Innocence; Thought; Childhood; Thinking

THE SALUTATION    Poem Text    
First Line: These little limbs
Last Line: That strangest is of all, yet brought to pass.

THE VISION    Poem Text    
First Line: Flight is but the preparative: the sight
Last Line: Sees and enjoys the holy one.
Subject(s): Self; Vision

THE WORLD    Poem Text    
First Line: When adam first did from his dust arise
Last Line: And ever will the same.
Subject(s): Earth; God; World

THOUGHTS I    Poem Text    
First Line: Ye brisk divine and living things
Last Line: Ten thousand ages hence they are as young.
Subject(s): God

THOUGHTS II    Poem Text    
First Line: A delicate and tender thought
Last Line: Within the soul as more divine and pure.
Subject(s): God

THOUGHTS III    Poem Text    
First Line: Thoughts are the angels which we send abroad
Last Line: Which rightly used make his creatures kings.
Subject(s): Thought; Thinking

THOUGHTS IV    Poem Text    
First Line: In thy presence there is fullness
Last Line: In heaven, and I, o lord my god, with thee!

TO THE SAME PURPOSE    Poem Text    
First Line: To the same purpose: he, not long before
Last Line: Tis want of sense that makes us poor.
Subject(s): Moon

WALKING    Poem Text    
First Line: To walk abroad is, not with eyes
Last Line: From viewing herbs and trees.
Subject(s): Vision


WONDER    Poem Text    
First Line: How like an angel came I down
Last Line: When I was born.
Subject(s): Faith; Innocence; Belief; Creed

YE HIDDEN NECTARS    Poem Text    
First Line: Ye hidden nectars, which my god doth drink
Last Line: Will speak. For in the dark y'are paradise.