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Subject: CAKES
Matches Found: 11

A CAKE OF NINETEEN SLICES, by MARY JO BANG    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: She was aware of the alarm
Last Line: A real of no real appeal
Subject(s): Cakes; Nature; Reality

BIRTHDAY CAKE, by HAYDEN CARRUTH    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: For breakfast I have eaten the last of your birthday cake that you
Last Line: Will be full of flowers and birds.
Subject(s): Birthdays; Cakes; Love - Age Differences; Man-woman Relationships; Male-female Relations

COUNSEL TO THOSE THAT EAT, by ANONYMOUS    Poem Text            
First Line: With chocolate-cream that you buy in the cake
Subject(s): Cakes;children;chocolates;food & Eating; Childhood

MISS FOGGERTY'S CAKE, by ANONYMOUS    Poem Text            
First Line: As I sat by my window last evening
Last Line: While every man swore he was poisoned / by eating miss foggerty's cake
Subject(s): Cakes

MOMMA SAID, by CALVIN FORBES    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: The slice I ate I want it back
Subject(s): Cakes; Conduct Of Life

ON SEEING MR. -- BAKING CAKES, by JANET LITTLE    Poem Text            
First Line: As rab, who ever frugal was
Last Line: Her bread will ay be baken.
Alternate Author Name(s): Richmond, Janet; Little, Jennie
Subject(s): Bakeries & Bakers; Cakes

SOMEONE SWIPED THE COOKIES', by JACK PRELUTSKY    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
Last Line: My luscious chocolate chips
Subject(s): Cakes

THE BRIDE-CAKE, by ROBERT HERRICK    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: This day my julia thou must make
Last Line: And for the bride-cake ther'l be spice.
Subject(s): Cakes; Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

TO CLARE, CANDLE-WISHES, by EDWARD V. KILLEEN JR.    Poem Text            
First Line: A birthday cake with tapers bright
Last Line: My candle-wish to you.
Subject(s): Aging; Birthdays; Cakes; Candles

VERSES WRITTEN ON A PAPER, by WILLIAM COLLINS (1721-1759)    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Ye curious hands, that hid from vulgar eyes
Last Line: And grief with raven note usurp the night.
Subject(s): Cakes

WHEN MOTHER MADE AN ANGEL CAKE, by EDGAR ALBERT GUEST    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: When mother baked an angel cake we kids would gather round
Last Line: The moment when she lets them lick the icing spoon and plate.
Alternate Author Name(s): Guest, Eddie
Subject(s): Cakes