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Subject: ORANGES
Matches Found: 15

ADDRESS TO THE ORANGE-TREE AT VERSAILLES, by HORACE SMITH    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: When france with civil wars was torn
Last Line: To heaven!
Alternate Author Name(s): Smith, Horatio
Subject(s): Oranges; Trees; Versailles, Frances; War

First Line: Enthroned upon the leafy bough
Last Line: To house the blossom in a hive.
Subject(s): Oranges

First Line: The short sweet purple twilight dreams
Last Line: That stirs it from cicalas shrill.
Alternate Author Name(s): Macleod, Fiona
Subject(s): Australia; Dreams; Dusk; Oranges; Nightmares

BLENHEIM ORANGES, by PHILIP EDWARD THOMAS    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Gone, gone again
Alternate Author Name(s): Eastaway, Edward; Thomas, Edward
Subject(s): Oranges; World War I; First World War

CIRCUMSTANCES, by FREDERICK LOCKER-LAMPSON    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: It ripen'd by the river banks
Last Line: And -- wish them at the devil!
Alternate Author Name(s): Locker, Frederick
Subject(s): Oranges

CITRUS FREEZE, by FORREST GANDER    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: To the north, along orange blossom trail,
Subject(s): Oranges

DENVER STREET, by WILLARD JOHNSON    Poem Text            
First Line: A garish flare of magazines
Last Line: And navels before breakfast!
Subject(s): Gays & Lesbians; Oranges; Youth; Homoeroticism; Lesbians; Gay Women; Gay Men

IN MY ORANGE-GROVE, by JOHN BANISTER TABB    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Orbs of autumnal beauty, breathed to light
Last Line: In spheres of gold.
Alternate Author Name(s): Father Tabb
Subject(s): Oranges

ORANGE, by JOHN HOLLANDER    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: The age of awakening: bright
Last Line: Squeezing out of it the gold
Subject(s): Oranges

ORANGE SUTRA, by TESS GALLAGHER    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: I wanted to take you in, peel and all
Last Line: And upright at once
Subject(s): Oranges

ORANGES, by BEN SARA OF SANTAREN    Poem Text            
First Line: Yonder stands the orange-tree
Last Line: And the sweets of their perfume.
Alternate Author Name(s): Ibn Sara; Ibn Sarah
Subject(s): Oranges

THE FLORIDA ORANGE, by W. C. BAUGH    Poem Text            
First Line: Tree gold, sun gold
Last Line: Flowerland's feast of health.
Subject(s): Oranges

THE ORANGE PICKER, by DAVID IGNATOW    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: I was tempted to the grove by its odor
Last Line: These oranges have failed me
Subject(s): Oranges

THE UNRIPE ORANGE, by AL-ASAMM    Poem Text            
First Line: Little daughter of the grove
Last Line: There his hand laid over it.
Subject(s): Oranges

TO ORANGES, by NORMAN ROWLAND GALE    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: You thousand yellow worlds from spain
Last Line: Along the babel length of strand!
Subject(s): London; Oranges