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Subject: SALT
Matches Found: 13

COLUMNS AND CARYATIDS: 1. THE WIFE, by CAROLYN KIZER    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: I am lot's pillar, caught in turning
Last Line: "god's chastisement and derision."
Subject(s): God; Gomorrah; Lot (Bible); Marriage; Punishment; Salt; Sodom; Women; Women's Rights; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Feminism

EXPLICATION OF AN IMAGINARY TEXT, by JAMES GALVIN    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Salt is pity, brooms are fury
Last Line: The other half are mirrors
Subject(s): Churches; Mirrors; Salt; Cathedrals

HIS WIFE, by SHIRLEY KAUFMAN                Poet's Biography
First Line: But it was right that she / looked back
Last Line: She could taste the salt.
Subject(s): Lot (Bible); Marriage; Salt; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

First Line: No doubt I am a fool to eat
Last Line: I like the change in diet well.
Subject(s): Cabbage; Salt, Henry S. (1851-1939); Vegetarians

LOVE LIKE SALT, by LISEL MUELLER    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: It lies in our hands in crystals
Alternate Author Name(s): Muller, Lisel
Subject(s): Love - Nature Of; Salt

ON THE SALT SEA, by JOHN OWEN    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Salt begets thirst; then well may rivers be
Last Line: Salt as it is, all swallowed by the sea.
Subject(s): Salt; Sea; Ocean

PRELUDE FOR LOT'S WIFE, by JAMES T. GALLAGHER    Poem Text            
First Line: Let soft white silver of her tears
Last Line: A pillar of salt.
Subject(s): Fear; God; Salt; Tears

REMEMBERING LOVES AND DEATHS, by THOMAS MCGRATH    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: They happened in us
Last Line: That was pure honey, once
Subject(s): Denver, Colorado; Honey; Salt Lake City, Utah

RIDDLE: 1, by ANONYMOUS    Poem Text            
First Line: Though smaller than a baby gnat
Last Line: "this, on the emperor's table sat"
Subject(s): Riddles;salt

SALT, by A. S. ALLISON    Poem Text            
First Line: I crossed the bogong plains that night on the box of a cobb and co.
Last Line: But only I and the horses heard jim's cry from the depths below.
Subject(s): Cattle; Salt; Story-telling; Trucks & Trucking; Teamsters; Truckers; Freight

SALT WATER, by MARGE PIERCY    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: It is a bowl of tears on the table
Last Line: The salt of regret and the salt of effort
Subject(s): Jewish Families; Salt

THE CITY OF SALT, by GREGORY ORR    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: In the sun-drenched
Last Line: And sweet to taste.
Subject(s): Cities; Mothers; Salt; Urban Life

THROWING SALT ON A PATH, by ARTHUR SZE                Poet's Biography
First Line: I watch you throw salt on the path
Last Line: Expands the edges of the universe.
Subject(s): Salt