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Jerome Rothenberg is an American poet and translator known for his work in ethnopoetics and performance poetry. Born in 1931 in New York City, Rothenberg has been a pivotal figure in expanding the boundaries of poetry through his exploration of diverse cultural traditions and his innovative approaches to writing and performance.

Themes and Style:

Rothenberg's poetry is characterized by its global perspective and its integration of various cultural and linguistic traditions. He is a pioneer of ethnopoetics, a movement that seeks to explore and incorporate the poetic traditions of indigenous and marginalized cultures into contemporary poetry. This approach reflects a deep respect for and fascination with the diversity of human expression and the universal power of poetry.

His style often involves the use of collage and montage techniques, blending elements from different cultural sources, languages, and historical periods. Rothenberg's work is also notable for its emphasis on the performative aspect of poetry. He views the poem not just as a written text but as an event in sound and space, often incorporating elements of ritual and performance in his readings and presentations.

Rothenberg's poems frequently explore themes of identity, history, and the intersection of diverse cultural narratives. His work challenges conventional notions of poetry and language, pushing the reader to engage with the text in new and unexpected ways.

Background and Influence:

Rothenberg's background as the son of Polish Jewish immigrants in New York City has played a significant role in shaping his perspective on language and culture. His experiences in the vibrant, multicultural environment of New York, combined with his academic pursuits in literature and anthropology, have deeply influenced his approach to poetry.

As a translator, Rothenberg has made significant contributions to the field by bringing the works of poets from various cultures and languages to a wider audience. His translations and anthologies have been instrumental in introducing readers to a diverse range of poetic traditions and voices.

Rothenberg's influence extends beyond his poetry and translations. As a teacher and lecturer, he has been a mentor to many poets and writers, and his work in ethnopoetics has had a profound impact on the field of contemporary poetry. He has been a leading figure in challenging and expanding the scope of what poetry can be and do.

In conclusion, Jerome Rothenberg's contributions to poetry are marked by his innovative approach, global perspective, and commitment to cultural diversity. His work in ethnopoetics and performance poetry has redefined the boundaries of the genre, making him a seminal figure in the world of contemporary poetry. His influence as a poet, translator, and educator continues to inspire and shape the literary landscape.

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