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Louis Untermeyer (1885-1977) was an influential American poet, anthologist, and critic, who played a significant role in shaping the landscape of American poetry in the 20th century. Known for his accessible and engaging poetic style, Untermeyer was also a key figure in the promotion and dissemination of poetry to a wider audience.

Themes and Style:

Untermeyer's poetry often explored themes of nature, love, and human experiences, marked by a blend of humor, wit, and emotional depth. His work is characterized by its clarity and approachability, making poetry accessible to a broad range of readers. He had a talent for using everyday language to explore complex themes and emotions, creating poems that were both thoughtful and relatable.

A defining feature of Untermeyer's style was his ability to blend lyrical elements with narrative ones, often incorporating storytelling into his poems. He was also known for his skillful use of traditional poetic forms, adapting them to contemporary themes and language.

Background and Influence:

Untermeyer's influence on American poetry extended beyond his own writing. He was a prolific anthologist, and his collections of poetry, such as "Modern American Poetry" and "Modern British Poetry," were instrumental in introducing new poets and movements to the public. These anthologies helped to define the canon of 20th-century poetry and were widely used in schools and universities, influencing generations of readers and writers.

He was also a notable critic and editor, contributing to the popularization and understanding of poetry in America. Untermeyer's approachable and engaging commentary helped to demystify poetry for many readers, making it more accessible and enjoyable.

As a literary personality, Untermeyer was involved in radio and television, using these platforms to promote poetry to an even wider audience. He appeared on radio programs and was the host of the television series "Invitation to Learning," further showcasing his commitment to bringing poetry into the mainstream.


Louis Untermeyer's legacy in American literature is marked by his contributions as a poet, anthologist, and promoter of poetry. His work in compiling and editing anthologies helped to shape the understanding and appreciation of modern poetry. His own poetry, known for its humanity, humor, and accessibility, continues to be enjoyed by readers for its warmth and insight. Untermeyer's efforts in popularizing poetry have left a lasting impact, making him a significant figure in the history of American literature.

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