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John Morris-Jones, born on October 17, 1864, in Llandrygarn, Anglesey, Wales, and died on April 16, 1929, was a pivotal figure in Welsh literature and scholarship. He was instrumental in the revival of the Welsh language and its literature in the early 20th century, and his work had a lasting impact on Welsh culture and education.

Morris-Jones was not only a poet but also a highly respected academic. He played a crucial role in the development of Welsh linguistic and literary studies. Educated at the University of Oxford and later at Jesus College, he became a Professor of Welsh at the University College of North Wales, Bangor. His scholarly work laid the foundations for modern academic studies of the Welsh language.

One of Morris-Jones' most significant contributions to Welsh literature was his work on Welsh metrics, the traditional system of versification used in Welsh poetry. His book "Welsh Metrics" (1928), which he published towards the end of his life, is a detailed study of this complex system and remains a fundamental work in the field. This book reflects his deep understanding of the intricacies of Welsh poetry and his commitment to preserving and revitalizing traditional Welsh literary forms.

In addition to his scholarly work, Morris-Jones was a noted poet, writing primarily in Welsh. His poetry, known for its lyrical quality and its adherence to traditional Welsh forms, contributed to the revival of Welsh literature in the 20th century. His poetic work is characterized by its elegance and its exploration of both personal and national themes.

Morris-Jones was also a significant figure in the Welsh nationalist movement. He was a passionate advocate for the preservation and promotion of the Welsh language and culture. His efforts in education and scholarship were central to the resurgence of Welsh national consciousness and the development of modern Welsh literature.

As an editor, Morris-Jones made an important contribution to Welsh literature through his work on the literary journal "Y Beirniad" (The Critic), which he co-founded. This journal provided a critical forum for the discussion and development of Welsh literature and helped nurture a new generation of Welsh writers.

In conclusion, John Morris-Jones' impact on Welsh literature and language is profound. His scholarly work, poetry, and advocacy played a critical role in the revival of Welsh culture and literature in the 20th century. His studies on Welsh metrics and his efforts to promote the Welsh language and its literature have ensured his lasting legacy as a key figure in the history of Welsh literature and linguistic scholarship.

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