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Marble, Oliver   
8 poems available by this author

A HORRIBLE EXAMPLE    Poem Text        
First Line: There was a man who put on airs
Last Line: Because they were too ladified.
Subject(s): Animals; Bears; Dolls; Friends, Religious Society Of; Men; Prayer; Toys; Quakers

A LITERARY MISS    Poem Text        
First Line: There once was a lit'rary miss
Last Line: Thirty days to describe half a kiss.
Subject(s): Literature; Pens & Pencils; Writing & Writers

A REMINISCENCE    Poem Text        
First Line: Twas long ago - but I remember
Last Line: She left him too, sir — gad, she did!
Subject(s): Love; Love - Nature Of; Women

A SUMMER SERMON FOR MEN    Poem Text        
First Line: I have fought a good fight,' the parson said, his weekly text declaring
Last Line: Felt of his muscle on the sly — and felt like god's anointed!
Subject(s): Baseball; Games; Play; Sermons; Sports; Recreation; Pastimes; Amusements

AN OLD PICTURE    Poem Text        
First Line: Through many a year a picture dear
Last Line: And I'm her little boy.
Subject(s): Mothers

LIKING AND LOVING    Poem Text        
First Line: Poor sad strephon's been jilted by phyllis, the jade
Last Line: When he likes liking better, she loves loving best!
Subject(s): Love; Love - Cultural Differences

TABLE MANNERS    Poem Text        
First Line: When teddy bears are brought to table
Last Line: As if they lived in town.
Subject(s): Dinners & Dining; Etiquette; Tableware; Manners; Courtesy; Cutlery; Forks; Plates

THE OLD REPROBATE'S SONG    Poem Text        
First Line: When I was young I'd capacity
Last Line: At how much I once was drinking.
Subject(s): Drinks & Drinking; Wine