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In "This Did Not Happen," Thylias Moss presents a surreal tableau of experiences and memories that oscillate between reality and the imaginative world. The poem revolves around a mysterious hospital scene where the speaker, presumably a dancer, is wrapped in a tutu by a doctor. From the outset, the poem's title insists that "This did not happen," thereby pushing the narrative into the realm of speculative realities or metaphorical interpretations.

The idea of a "hospital for dancers" adds to the quirkiness of the poem and expands the theme of 'healing' to address not just physical but also psychological and emotional traumas. This concept raises questions about the societal expectations and pressures on performers (in this case, dancers). Hospitals usually evoke a sense of clinical detachment, but the one depicted here "practicing strange medicine" suggests a more empathetic approach to the wounded artist.

The use of colors like "pink" and "sequined" suggests an aura of innocence and glamour that contrasts sharply with the harshness of "a street, an alley," where the speaker is "left there, tutu shredded." This dichotomy could symbolize the pitfalls and darker aspects of the world of performance art-perhaps touching upon themes of exploitation or vulnerability. The shredded tutu serves as a metaphor for a broken dream or ability; the speaker "couldn't dance anymore," indicating a loss of purpose or identity.

The line "No animals other than myself" amplifies the sense of loneliness and vulnerability. The "animal in me emerged" could signify a survival instinct kicking in. This primal transformation is tinged with a sense of ethical responsibility: the animal within "tried to hurt no one else." This presents the speaker as both victim and potential aggressor, caught in a moral struggle, which adds layers to the poem's thematic richness.

The structure of the poem is worth noting. Its free verse form complements the uncertain, fluid nature of the speaker's experiences. The brevity of lines and scarcity of punctuations create a hurried, breathless tempo, as if the speaker is hastening to recount a perplexing experience that they themselves are trying to make sense of.

The poem closes without offering any concrete answers, leaving us to ponder the complexities of its layered realities. Is the speaker's memory reliable? Does the hospital symbolize a coping mechanism for some unspoken trauma? The poem leaves it open to interpretation, thereby heightening its emotional impact and intellectual intrigue.

In conclusion, "This Did Not Happen" serves as a rich tapestry of themes such as vulnerability, identity, and the dual nature of humanity. Its surrealistic elements provide a fascinating lens through which we can explore these complex issues, making it a compelling addition to Thylias Moss's body of work.

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