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"The Vision Test" is a poem written by Mona Van Duyn that explores the theme of perception and the limitations of human vision. The poem uses the metaphor of a vision test to explore the ways in which our understanding of the world around us is shaped by our individual perspectives and experiences.

Here is a sample verse from the poem:

"On the chart the snail, as slimy as a yawn,

begins with O and climbs a twisted stair,

all amber in the light, with a cushioned hair

that shocks one, shining there against the lawn."

This verse describes the image on a vision test chart, which in this case is a snail. The snail is described in vivid detail, with its slimy appearance and twisted staircase-like shell. The image is also described as having cushioned10118416 hair that shines against the background of the lawn.

The use of such detailed imagery emphasizes the way in which our perception of the world is shaped by the specific details we notice and pay attention to. The snail on the vision chart may be perceived differently by different individuals, based on their own experiences and associations with snails.

Through this and other verses in the poem, Van Duyn encourages readers to reflect on the ways in which our individual perspectives shape our understanding of the world, and to question the limits of our own vision and perception. The poem ultimately suggests that, while our understanding of the world may be limited, there is still beauty and wonder to be found in the details and nuances of our individual experiences.

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