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"The Mental Traveller" is a poem from William Blake's collection of works known as "The Pickering Manuscript". It was written in the late 18th century and is a complex exploration of the human psyche and the nature of existence.


"The Mental Traveller" explores the themes of human desire, imagination, and self-awareness. The poem describes a journey through the landscapes of the human psyche, guided by the "Mental Traveller". The poem suggests that the mind is a vast landscape filled with hidden desires, fears, and hopes, and that the journey of self-discovery is one that must be undertaken alone.

Form and Style:

The poem is written in a complex and highly symbolic style, with language that conveys the depth of Blake's philosophical and spiritual message. It has a prophetic and visionary tone, reflecting Blake's interest in mythology, mysticism, and spiritual philosophy. The poem is divided into twelve quatrains, each with an ABAB rhyme scheme. This consistent rhyme scheme creates a sense of structure and rhythm that adds to the poem's musicality and enhances its impact. The poem's complex symbolism and vivid imagery underscore its themes of self-discovery and transformation, creating a sense of movement and transformation.

Poetic Elements:

Symbolism: The poem uses complex symbolism to convey its philosophical and spiritual message. The landscapes of the human psyche represent the inner worlds of the mind, while the "Mental Traveller" symbolizes the journey of self-discovery.

Imagery: The poem uses vivid and often surreal imagery to convey its spiritual and philosophical message. The imagery of the landscapes and the "Mental Traveller" create a sense of movement and transformation, underscoring the poem's themes of self-discovery and transformation.

Repetition: The poem uses repetition to create a sense of rhythm and emphasis, as well as to emphasize key ideas and themes. The repeated use of the phrase "The Mental Traveller" underscores the poem's emphasis on the journey of self-discovery.


"The Mental Traveller" is a complex and challenging work that reflects Blake's visionary and philosophical approach to poetry. Its exploration of the human psyche and the journey of self-discovery continues to resonate with readers today, and its message of the importance of imagination and self-awareness has inspired generations of readers and scholars. Overall, "The Mental Traveller" is an outstanding example of Blake's visionary and spiritual approach to poetry, and a valuable contribution to the literary and cultural heritage of the English-speaking world.

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