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"The Night is Darkening Round Me" is a poem written by Emily Bronte, the author of the classic novel "Wuthering Heights." The poem was written in the mid-19th century and reflects Bronte's preoccupation with themes of death and the afterlife.


"The Night is Darkening Round Me" was written during a time of great social and cultural change in England. The country was undergoing a period of industrialization and urbanization, and the Victorian era was characterized by a renewed interest in spiritualism and mysticism. Bronte's poetry reflects these broader cultural and social changes, as well as her own experiences as a woman and a writer.


"The Night is Darkening Round Me" is a reflection on death and the afterlife. The speaker is accepting of their impending death and is at peace with the idea of being reunited with loved ones who have passed away. The poem explores themes of mortality and transcendence, and suggests that death is not an end but a continuation of the journey of life.


"The Night is Darkening Round Me" is written in free verse and features a contemplative and introspective tone. The poem is relatively short, with only two stanzas, but it is notable for its emotional depth and its exploration of complex themes.

Poetic Elements:

"The Night is Darkening Round Me" makes use of a number of poetic techniques and devices, including metaphor, repetition, and imagery. Bronte uses metaphor to describe death as a "darkening" and "closing" of the world, while repetition emphasizes the inevitability of the speaker's passing. Vivid imagery is also used to convey the speaker's sense of peace and acceptance.


"The Night is Darkening Round Me" is a powerful and emotionally resonant work of poetry that explores the complexities of human mortality and the afterlife. Bronte's use of poetic techniques and vivid imagery give the poem a sense of grandeur and emotional depth, while her celebration of transcendence serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of accepting the natural cycle of life and death. Overall, "The Night is Darkening Round Me" is a testament to Bronte's skill as a poet and her deep understanding of the human condition.

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