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"Birds and Fishes" is a poem by Robinson Jeffers that explores the relationship between humans and the natural world, particularly the way in which our actions can have a profound impact on the environment.

The poem begins by describing the beauty and power of the natural world, particularly the birds and fishes that inhabit it. Jeffers describes how the birds soar through the air and the fishes swim through the sea, and notes that these creatures have been around for millions of years.

However, Jeffers goes on to suggest that the actions of humans threaten to destroy the natural world and all the creatures that inhabit it. He notes that humans have created cities and machines that pollute the air and water, and that we have hunted and fished many species to the brink of extinction.

Despite this, Jeffers does not entirely despair. He suggests that there is still hope for the natural world, but only if we change our ways and learn to live in harmony with the environment. He notes that while humans may have the power to destroy the natural world, we also have the power to protect and preserve it.

Overall, "Birds and Fishes" is a meditation on the fragile and complex relationship between humans and the natural world. It is a reminder that we are not separate from the environment, but rather an integral part of it, and that our actions have a profound impact on the world around us.

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