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"On Milton's Paradise Lost" is a poem written by Andrew Marvell in the late 17th century, during a period of great cultural and literary activity in England. Marvell was a prominent poet and politician of the time, and his works often reflected his interest in politics, religion, and social issues. The poem reflects Marvell's admiration for John Milton, an earlier English poet and author of the epic poem "Paradise Lost."


"On Milton's Paradise Lost" is a tribute to the life and work of John Milton, and an analysis of his famous epic poem "Paradise Lost." The content of the poem can be analyzed in three parts:

  • Introduction: The poem begins with a tribute to Milton's skill as a poet and his contribution to English literature. Marvell uses vivid language to describe Milton's work, and to emphasize the importance of "Paradise Lost" in shaping the literary landscape of his time.
  • Analysis of "Paradise Lost": The poem then delves into an analysis of "Paradise Lost," highlighting its themes, structure, and style. Marvell praises Milton's ability to weave together complex themes and ideas, and to create a work that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally powerful.
  • Summary: The poem concludes with a call to action, urging readers to embrace the potential for change and growth that is embodied in "Paradise Lost." Marvell argues that Milton's work serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of individual action and dedication in shaping the world.


"On Milton's Paradise Lost" is a poem consisting of 48 lines. The poem follows a regular ABAB rhyme scheme and a iambic pentameter, with lines of 10 syllables each. The form of the poem is structured and regular, reflecting the importance of Milton's life and work.

Poetic Elements:

Marvell uses a variety of poetic elements in "On Milton's Paradise Lost" to create a vivid and evocative tribute to Milton's work. The poem contains numerous examples of imagery, including the "shadowy horrors" of Hell and the "celestial light" of Heaven that are central to the structure and themes of "Paradise Lost." Marvell also uses metaphor to describe the complexity and power of Milton's work, which is portrayed as a "mighty fabric" that stretches to the very heavens. The poem also contains several examples of alliteration, such as "sublime and elevated" and "fearful and august," which emphasize the power and intensity of Marvell's tribute.


"On Milton's Paradise Lost" is a powerful tribute to the life and work of one of England's most important poets. The poem's use of vivid language and imagery creates a vivid and nuanced portrait of Milton's life and beliefs, and its analysis of "Paradise Lost" serves as a reminder of the complexity and power of his work. By using a structured form and a variety of poetic elements, Marvell creates a powerful and evocative tribute that underscores the importance of Milton's legacy for contemporary readers. In terms of literary merit, "On Milton's Paradise Lost" is a well-crafted and intellectually stimulating poem that demonstrates Marvell's skill as a poet and his engagement with the cultural and literary issues of his time.

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