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"A Life's Parallels" is a poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti that compares a human life to the passage of a river. The poem describes how a river starts small and gradually grows in size and power as it flows downstream, much like how a person starts small and grows in experience and knowledge as they move through life.

The poem has a contemplative and reflective tone, as it considers the idea of life as a journey and the inevitability of change. The river is depicted as both beautiful and powerful, reflecting the joys and challenges of life. The imagery of the river also suggests a sense of continuity, as the water that flows through the river is constantly changing but the river itself remains a constant presence.

The poem is structured as a series of three stanzas, each with four lines, and follows a consistent ABAB rhyme scheme. This formal structure gives the poem a sense of order and control, reflecting the idea of the river flowing steadily and purposefully towards its destination.

Overall, "A Life's Parallels" is a thoughtful and reflective poem that uses the metaphor of a river to explore the idea of life as a journey. Its contemplative tone and formal structure contribute to its sense of order and control, while its imagery of the river suggests a sense of continuity and ongoing change.

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