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Thomas Bailey Aldrich's quatrain "Spendthrift" explores a perspective on personal responsibility and the concept of destiny, expressed in a whimsical manner. In these four lines, Aldrich examines how one's intrinsic nature, as if dictated by a higher power, shapes one's life and decisions, using the metaphor of the hand's shape to explain wealth and frugality.


Fate and Responsibility: The central theme of this quatrain is the interplay between personal responsibility and destiny or fate. Aldrich weaves this theme through various elements:

Fate and Design: "God shaped my palm so I can hold / But little water in my hand." These lines use the hand's shape as a metaphor for the speaker's destiny, reflecting on how the divine design limits his capacity to hold wealth.

Personal Responsibility: "The fault's not mine, you understand." The speaker attributes his inability to hold on to wealth to his physical design, suggesting a lack of control over his fate. This line adds a touch of humor and self-deprecation, questioning the very notion of responsibility.

Wealth and Frugality: The imagery of holding water and gold emphasizes the speaker's inability to hold on to wealth, painting a portrait of a spendthrift who seems to find justification in a predetermined design.


The ABAB rhyme scheme of the quatrain enables a succinct expression of the theme, with the rhyme adding a melodic quality that complements the lighthearted tone of the poem.


Metaphor and Tone: Aldrich's use of metaphor and the playful tone contributes to the effectiveness of the quatrain:

Hand Metaphor: The metaphor of the hand's shape serves as an extended metaphor for destiny and the limitations or predispositions one might have in life.

Lighthearted Tone: The tone of the quatrain is whimsical and slightly self-mocking, contributing to a playful exploration of a serious subject.

Conciseness: The economy of expression in the quatrain allows Aldrich to convey a complex thought with simplicity and humor, demonstrating his mastery over this poetic form.


"Spendthrift" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich is an engaging exploration of destiny and personal responsibility, presented with wit and simplicity. The poem playfully examines the idea of predetermined fate as a justification for personal behavior, focusing on the metaphor of the hand's shape as a divine design that influences the speaker's ability to handle wealth. Its lighthearted tone, concise structure, and clever use of metaphor make it a delightful yet thought-provoking commentary on the nature of responsibility and the age-old debate between fate and free will. It encapsulates the human tendency to find explanations for our shortcomings while also reminding us of the limitations we might perceive in ourselves.

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