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"Jubilee Hymn" is a poem by John Betjeman that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The poem is written in a formal and celebratory style, and uses traditional poetic devices such as rhyme and meter.

The poem begins by acknowledging the longevity of the Queen's reign, and praising her for her dedication and service to her country. The speaker then goes on to describe the joy and celebration that surrounds the Jubilee, and the sense of unity and pride that it brings to the nation.

The poem also touches on themes of tradition and history, as the speaker notes that the Jubilee is an opportunity to reflect on the past and honor the achievements of those who came before us. The poem suggests that the Jubilee is a time to celebrate not only the Queen's reign, but also the enduring values and traditions of British culture.

Throughout the poem, the speaker emphasizes the importance of faith and spirituality, as he calls upon God to bless and guide the Queen in her reign. The poem suggests that the Jubilee is not just a secular celebration, but also a time to honor and praise God for His blessings and His guidance.

Overall, "Jubilee Hymn" is a reverent and celebratory poem that captures the spirit of the Jubilee and honors the Queen's reign. Its language and imagery are both engaging and evocative, and its message of unity, tradition, and faith resonates with readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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