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"Devil's Gold (A Hampton Legend)" is a poem by Abbie Farwell Brown, an American poet, novelist, and children's author who lived from 1871 to 1927. Brown was known for her imaginative and often fantastical poetry, which often drew on local legends and folklore.


The poem is based on a legend from Hampton, New Hampshire, where Brown spent much of her life. The legend tells of a buried treasure that was guarded by the devil himself, and the poem explores the themes of temptation and greed, as well as the dangers of making deals with the devil.


The poem is a retelling of the Hampton legend of the devil's gold, which tells of a group of men who make a deal with the devil to uncover a hidden treasure. The poem describes the temptations and dangers of the quest for wealth, as well as the ultimate futility of trying to outsmart the devil.


The poem is written in free verse, with no regular rhyme or meter. The poem's form contributes to its sense of naturalness and organic flow, reflecting the complexity and richness of the legend.

Poetic Elements:

The poem makes use of a range of poetic techniques and devices, including metaphor, imagery, and repetition. For example, the poem uses the metaphor of the devil as a "dark spirit" to emphasize his malevolent and dangerous nature. The repetition of the phrase "the devil's gold" creates a sense of foreboding and danger.


Overall, "Devil's Gold (A Hampton Legend)" is a powerful and evocative poem that reflects on the dangers of temptation and greed. Brown's use of poetic techniques and devices creates a sense of richness and depth, reflecting the complexity and significance of the legend. The poem remains a valuable contribution to the canon of American literature and provides insight into the ways in which local folklore and legends continue to inspire and influence contemporary culture.

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