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"I never lost as much but twice" is a poem by Emily Dickinson, an American poet who lived from 1830 to 1886. The poem was first published posthumously in 1896.

The poem explores the idea of loss and the experience of grieving. The speaker suggests that they have experienced loss twice in their life, but that the second loss was more profound and painful than the first.

The poem emphasizes the idea that loss can be a transformative experience, changing the way we see ourselves and the world around us. The speaker suggests that the experience of loss has left them feeling vulnerable and exposed, yet also suggests that this vulnerability can be a source of strength and growth.

Overall, the poem suggests a complex and nuanced experience of loss and grief, emphasizing the transformative power of loss and the importance of vulnerability and connection in the face of loss. The poem also suggests that the experience of loss can be a source of growth and wisdom, allowing us to see the world in a new and more profound way.

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