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Michael Drayton was an English poet who lived from 1563 to 1631. He was a contemporary of William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson and was known for his poetry, which often celebrated English history and mythology. "Idea: 63" is a poem by Drayton that addresses the theme of the passage of time.


"Idea: 63" reflects the cultural and literary concerns of the Renaissance, a period characterized by a renewed interest in classical learning and a heightened awareness of the role of art in shaping human experience. The poem also reflects the religious and spiritual concerns of its time, particularly the idea that life is fleeting and that one should strive to live a virtuous and meaningful existence.


"Idea: 63" is a poem that addresses the theme of the passage of time. The speaker describes the inevitability of death and the transient nature of human existence. The poem emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment and making the most of one's time on earth. Drayton also reflects on the legacy that one leaves behind, and the impact that one's life can have on future generations.


"Idea: 63" is written in a free verse form, without a regular rhyme or meter. The poem is divided into five stanzas, each with a different number of lines. Drayton also makes use of repetition and other rhetorical devices to create his effects.

Poetic Elements:

Drayton's use of repetition and rhetorical devices in "Idea: 63" creates a sense of rhythm and musicality, emphasizing the inevitability and finality of death. The poem also makes use of imagery, such as the image of the "fleeting years" and the "swift-footed time," to create a sense of the transience of human existence.


"Idea: 63" is a poignant and reflective poem that addresses the theme of the passage of time. Drayton's use of free verse creates a sense of openness and spontaneity, while his use of poetic techniques such as repetition and imagery adds to the poem's emotional impact. The poem also reflects the cultural and literary concerns of its time, and provides a powerful meditation on the meaning of life and the inevitability of death. Overall, "Idea: 63" is a moving and memorable expression of the human condition.

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