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"I Am Yesterday, To-day, and To-morrow" is an anonymous poem that explores the cyclical nature of time and the continuity of existence. The poem is short but powerful, and its message is both profound and universal.

The poem begins with the speaker identifying themselves as "Yesterday, To-day, and To-morrow." This statement suggests that the speaker is not bound by time in the same way that mortals are. Instead, they exist outside of time, encompassing all three phases of past, present, and future.

The speaker then goes on to describe themselves as the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. This imagery reinforces the idea that the speaker is eternal and all-encompassing, existing beyond the constraints of time and space.

The final lines of the poem speak to the continuity of existence, as the speaker declares that they have been with us since the beginning and will continue to be with us until the end. This statement suggests that there is a larger purpose and meaning to our lives, and that we are all connected in a larger cosmic sense.

Overall, "I Am Yesterday, To-day, and To-morrow" is a thought-provoking and philosophical poem that explores the nature of time and existence. Its message is both timeless and universal, and its imagery is both powerful and evocative.

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