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"Ademir da Guia" is a poem by João Cabral de Melo Neto, written in Portuguese. The poem is a tribute to Ademir da Guia, a Brazilian football player known for his skill and artistry on the field.

The poem describes Ademir da Guia as a "mestre" (master) of the game, with a talent and finesse that goes beyond mere athleticism. The speaker praises Ademir's ability to control the ball with precision and grace, and his intuitive understanding of the game.

The central theme of the poem is the artistry and skill involved in playing football, and the way in which it can transcend mere physical ability. The poem celebrates Ademir da Guia as a true master of the game, whose talent and artistry inspire awe and admiration.

In summary, "Ademir da Guia" is a beautiful and moving tribute to a legendary football player. Through its use of language and imagery, the poem captures the artistry and skill of the game, and the way in which it can inspire passion and admiration in those who play and watch it.


João Cabral de Melo Neto was a Brazilian poet, born on January 9, 1920, in Recife, Brazil. He studied law and literature at the University of Recife and later worked as a diplomat for the Brazilian government.

Melo Neto's poetry is known for its simplicity and precision, as well as its focus on everyday objects and experiences. He is associated with the Brazilian literary movement known as the "Generation of '45", which sought to modernize Brazilian literature and break with traditional literary forms.

Melo Neto published several collections of poetry, including "Pedra do Sono" (1942) and "Morte e Vida Severina" (1956), which is considered one of his most famous works. He also wrote essays on literature and art and translated the works of other poets, including Federico Garcia Lorca and Pablo Neruda.

Melo Neto was awarded several prestigious literary prizes during his lifetime, including the Camões Prize in 1990, which is considered the most important literary award in the Portuguese-speaking world. He died on October 9, 1999, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is remembered as one of the most important poets of Brazilian literature.

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