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"Half-Sleeping" by Jane Hirshfield is a succinct, yet vivid, portrayal of desire captured in the ephemeral realm of half-sleep. The poem comprises just five lines, but within this compact structure, Hirshfield manages to articulate the essence of yearning with elegance and a sense of urgency.

The structure of the poem, brief and without strict meter or rhyme, reflects the fleeting, elusive nature of the half-sleep state and the momentary pull of desire it encapsulates. The sparse form leaves room for the imagination, allowing the reader to linger on each phrase and the emotions evoked.

The imagery here is particularly striking, with the "body" pulling "toward yours," indicative of a visceral, almost magnetic, attraction. The physicality of this pull serves as a grounding element, which is then extended by the metaphor of "desire a long oar dipping / again and again / in this night's dark rain." The oar represents the reaching out, the constant pursuit of connection or fulfillment, emphasized by the phrase "again and again." This repetition encapsulates the persistence of desire, the continuous ache or yearning that neither starts nor stops, but persists in its cycle.

The "dark rain" is another compelling image. Rain often symbolizes renewal or cleansing, but in the context of the night, it takes on an ambiguous, even mysterious quality. The "dark rain" could be a symbol for the unknown depths of emotion or the unconscious mind, places where desire is often most palpable but least understood. The oar dipping into this "dark rain" suggests a kind of exploration, a willingness to delve into these complex emotional landscapes, even when they are shrouded in the ambiguity of half-sleep or darkness.

In essence, "Half-Sleeping" functions as a snapshot, capturing a brief moment of intense emotion that is both specific and universally relatable. The poem encapsulates a fragment of the human experience-that of yearning, of reaching out toward something or someone with an intensity that is as fundamental as it is ineffable. Through its focused imagery and concise structure, the poem manages to say much with very little, offering a glimpse into the intricate dance of longing and attraction.

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