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The poem "To His Maistres" was written by Scottish poet Alexander Montgomerie. Montgomerie, also known as Alexander Montgomerie of Napier, was a prominent Scottish poet of the late 16th century. His poetry explored themes of love, courtship, and the complexities of human relationships.

Poetic Devices:

Imagery: The poem utilizes vivid imagery to convey the speaker's emotions. The line "So swete a kis yistrene fra thee I reft" creates a visual image of a stolen kiss, emphasizing its sweetness and the act of taking it away.

Repetition: The poem includes repetition, particularly in the use of the word "thou" and its variations, such as "thee" and "thyn." This repetition adds emphasis and conveys the speaker's focus on their beloved.

Metaphor: The line "Even in thyn armes, thair doutles had I deit" uses a metaphor to express the speaker's intense desire and emotional attachment. It suggests that being in the arms of their beloved is so desirable that the speaker would willingly die in that moment.

Rhyme Scheme: The poem follows a consistent ABABCDCD rhyme scheme. This structure contributes to the poem's musicality and rhythm.

Romantic Language: The poem uses romantic language to express the speaker's feelings of love and longing. Phrases like "swete a kis," "luve my joyes," and "thyn armes" evoke a sense of passion and affection.

Emotional Intensity: The poem explores the depth of the speaker's emotions, particularly their longing for physical and emotional connection with their beloved. The language and imagery used throughout the poem contribute to the sense of longing and desire conveyed by the speaker.

Overall, "To His Maistres" is a romantic poem that showcases the speaker's intense love and desire for their beloved. Through its use of imagery, repetition, and romantic language, the poem expresses the speaker's longing for closeness and the overwhelming impact their beloved has on them.

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