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"Foggy Dew" by Katharine Tynan reflects the yearning for one's homeland and the distinct attributes that make it special, even if they might seem mundane or unfavorable to others. The poem paints a vivid picture of Ireland, contrasting it with the hustle and opulence of London, thereby emphasizing the emotional connection one holds with their place of origin.

Ireland as the Heart of "Foggy Dew" by Katharine Tynan:

Symbol of Home and Roots: Ireland is not just a geographical location in this poem; it represents home, roots, and a deep sense of belonging. The foggy dew, the green and golden skies, and the pastures stand as symbols of Ireland's quintessential beauty and its pull on the heart of someone who's away.

Contrast to the Materialistic World: The "splendid place" that is London, with its "golden store," serves as a backdrop to highlight what the poet finds genuinely valuable - the simplicity and soul-soothing landscape of Ireland. The poem suggests that while London might offer material wealth and attractions, it lacks the emotional depth and connection that Ireland holds for the poet.

Emotional Depth Over Surface Beauty: While London is described with attributes of brightness and wealth, Ireland is depicted with depth, emotion, and subtlety. The "foggy dew," which might seem a minor detail or even a hindrance to some, becomes a symbol of Ireland's allure. It speaks of the nuanced beauty of the Irish landscape and soul, something that's deeply missed.

Sacred Connection to the Land: The poet's description of Ireland is almost reverential. Terms like "pastures gray," "deep-drenched meadows," and the "corn turning yellow" show a profound appreciation and longing for the natural beauty of Ireland. This deep connection is further emphasized when the poet expresses a willingness to give up all of London's wealth for a mere touch of the Irish "dew on my face."

In essence, while the poem uses London as a point of contrast, the heart and soul of the piece is Ireland. The land, with its foggy dews, gentle sunrises, and natural beauty, becomes a poignant symbol of nostalgia, belonging, and the irreplaceable emotional connection one has with their homeland.

In conclusion, while "Foggy Dew" uses the grandeur of London as a contrasting point, the soul of the poem lies in its heartfelt tribute to Ireland. Through Tynan's words, the land, with its misty mornings, gentle sunrises, and untouched beauty, becomes a poignant symbol of nostalgia, belonging, and deep emotional connections. For the poet, and many others who've been away from their homeland, the allure of their native place, with all its intricate details and memories, is something no amount of urban opulence can replace.

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